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Recent content by Sophia Esteed

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    This is weird. (Read OP, pleeeeaaaassseee)

    Okay, so I have Windows XP (running for 4 years now) and McAfee Security Center. McAfee's been takin good care of my comp, but lately I have reason to doubt that. Whenever my computer (which is shared with my parents) stays in screensaver for too long, when I start it back up, it says it...
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    I cannot find "Edit Profile"!!

    I just became a Premium member and want to change the display title, but cannot since the "Edit Profile" is nowhere to be found in my user CP! What is this...:angry::cursing:
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    Allergies....what are yours?

    You have to be allergic to at least SOMETHING. Sadly, I became allergic to pineapple in March 2006. Which sucks because I would eat pineapple before that all the time...
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    Shows that shouldn't have been cancelled

    ^ Title ^ Mine: ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. Firefly Star Trek Enterprise (yeah I'm slowly evolving into a trekkie) Gene Roddenberry's: Andromeda Megas XLR, foo'. CN shouldn't have scrapped that gem T_T Teen Titans That remake of Bionic Woman (I take it it was cancelled) I have plenty more... Also...
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    lol, mandatory DTV transition

    After Feb '09, analog TVs will no longer work and all stations will broadcast exclusively in digital. Okay, since my family are Comcast customers, Comcast says we have "nothing to worry about" but I'm still concerned. Won't we need new TV models? What will we need?
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    Tight spots in any other video game

    Like the Final Fantasy one in the S-E forum...dam I fall to easy for trends :o_O: This thread CAN include, but can NOT be limited to, Square-Enix games that aren't FF or KH. Hmm... Dark Cloud 2 - The battle at that lighthouse where, at intervals, you switch between Monica fighting Gaspard and...
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    *voices*Birth by Sleep

    Where did you get this info? And dam, I wanted Yuri Lowenthal for Terra =\
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    Wow..I celebrate another b-day.

    I'm 19 now...it all happened so fast :scared:....:P
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    I have another one: - Demyx challenging ya to destroy 10 water clones in 10 seconds??? I kept losing thanks to that >_< - Morale. I mean, wut... - Solar sailer. I mean, HOW do I keep the weight from increasing? Do I have to, like, keep Heartless in midair for 10+ seconds?? Apparently not....
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    Dancers were a HUGE turn-off....WHen first faced a handful of them in Hollow Bastion post-Space-Paranoids-1st-Visit, they killed me over and over >_<
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    Mine: - I keep going Anti Form when facing an Org member. - Kairi's keyblade (replica) - This time around, Atlantica was a huge WTF for me.... - Scar became a Heartless? O RLY? Well how come he hasn't changed form, and where is his Nobody? - and of course... GET ON THE HYDRA'S BACK!!! (repeat...
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    Star Ocean : First Departure + Second Evolution

    STAR OCEAN | SQUARE ENIX First Departure = PSP remake of the first Star Ocean game for SNES, previously unavailable in NTSC-U/C and PAL regions. Second Evolution = PSP remake of The Second Story, originally on PSX.
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    Dumbest Things you've done in Video Games -- redone

    The old one went missing goshdurnit :cursing: Ooookay.... Final Fantasy III (DS) Tried to cross the bottomless bog with a Chocobo. And I DID NOT have the Levigrass shoes you needed to cross safely. Nevertheless, GAME OVER. I was mortified ;_;
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    Now THAT was funny!

    Name the funniest moments you come across in any video game. Here's one of mine :3 Xenosaga episode I You're playing a cyborg codenamed Ziggurat 8 (later given a "pet name" Ziggy (possible reference to the reggae musician Ziggy Marley??)) sent to Pleroma to rescue a 100-Series Realian...
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    "Square-Enix games' mysteries/secrets/Easter Eggs etc."

    I'll name some I have discovered recently. Mysteries: Final Fantasy VII You know in Corel Desert Prison, right? That there is a manhole you can go into that has an empty treasure chest? That mystery has been solved (a "Red Man" was inserted there ages ago to test the graphics, and there was...