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  • Lol XD when you think about it, Singapore doesn't have a cultural heritage. Sure their country is descent, organised and so on, but there's practically nothing there... sorry if I say this, but that's what I think. At least the education there isn't so bad. So how are you for the past 6 years there? and what major do you take there? why is your job in conflict with your dreams?
    I know the feeling >_< but sadly I always fail to hold myself back and ended up waking up in the middle of the night... again :p never agreed on coffee, it just doesn't have any effect on me either. Rather, they just make me even sleepier.... Lol XD
    That's totally the opposite of me. If I get hungry in the middle of the night I'd sleep it off XD don't really care for food much...
    So you're originally from Indonesia?
    Thanks I will! :D

    I know what you mean, their hair would be so difficult to get right. Yes haha anime hairstyles (in my mind) represent the hair ideal, while being very far away from reality. xD I have seen Roxas wigs before that look pretty good, so you could probably do that at some point if you wanted to. As for Nate, I'm not sure how you would mimic that hairstyle, either. :/

    I feel the same way about my family and family in general. :) Gotta cherish them and never take them for granted. At the end of the day, they're the ones who will always be there for us.
    umm I think it's Tahun Baru Islam... Day. Yup. That. :D Glad you finally went to seep, and good morning/afternoon Lol
    Yes we are very happy. :) We will have dated for two years this December! Thank you, I appreciate that very much!!

    Ah I see, that totally sucks... :/ I've never been to an anime convention, but that sounds like a lot of fun! Roxas and Nate would both be very cool cosplays to do (especially Roxas because he is one of my favorite video game characters ever haha xD). I hope you get a chance to get involved the next time it comes into town!

    Awh well I hope you make all the right decisions for yourself and your future goals! Always gotta do what's best for you, even if that means moving on.

    I've noticed that life gets rough the older I get haha but yes friends and family make life that much sweeter, and are always the best people to turn to for support. :)
    Well that's too bad :( maybe you can just wake up early now and sleep early later? I don't have work today too :) it's a national holiday but still going to be occupied by work ;_;

    Thank you so much ^u^ I won't disappoint on the next piece, hopefully... but I'm afraid it'll take a while until then...
    yeah I took a nap a little too early in the night, so I ended up not being able to sleep anymore :p now I'm just continuing my assignments all through the morning :) Hahahahahahahh and what are you doing still awake?

    Lol XD we all have our preferred subjects of interest, I sometimes read the Video game forums but not much... the poetry thread has been quiet for a while now, I'm trying to fill in at least one poem, since I kinda left it hanging for a while now :p

    Oh you flatter me, sir (>u<///) it's just simple cross-hatching to fill in as shadows. I think it's too messy for a cross-hatch, I'll make sure to make it cleaner in the next piece... I just wish I drew Aqua's eyes a little bigger ._.
    Yes :) I drew that myself. I played the game just recently and I just LOVE Aqua :3 Thank you! I'm glad you like the artwork. Though there are still some mistakes in the drawing that I need to perfect... but I guess I'll have to move on now...
    It struck me as odd, but I have posted that artwork for a month now, and it kinda surprised me that it just caught your attention now? Do you not go online that often then?

    Yes! I'm from the poetry thread XD and I remember you greeting me the first time. thx :D Mostly I appear in KHX [Chi] walkthrough and event threads... not much out there :p
    Awh man... That's a bit of a challenge. :/ It will be a struggle but it will be well-worth it in the end haha!

    I've been doing great! :) I came home from college which was really nice. Love getting to see my family and my girlfriend and getting some downtime. Yes we did haha thanks bro! xD I've never cosplayed before that either but it was so much fun! I'm so glad we dressed up as Ash and Pikachu. You know she's the perfect girl for me because she is actually the one who suggested it and wanted to do it haha even though I'm the Pokemon fanatic between us. ;D You should man, if you can get someone to do it with you it's a really fun experience. Lots of complements from it too; people really appreciated our costumes which made it even better haha.

    How have you been doing man? Hope all is well for you also?
    Yes hahaha rage-quits come frequently with my walls. xD

    Scizor's Bullet Punch and Bug Bite are absolutely deadly. I've thought about getting a Technician Breloom also. I have one with Poison Heal with a Toxic Orb that has the same set minus Bullet Seed. I really would like to try that though, I need to get my hands on one with its Hidden Ability. :)

    Thanks! :D I'm so happy about it!! Yeah I've heard that the shiny encounter rates in the Safari are supposedly higher, which is nice. I know though haha whenever I look for them I never find them but when I least expect them, they show up. :)
    ok u will hve to wait a second something bad is going on at the moment i hope u can wait for a minute ? *sighs sadly *
    Yay Flanix ur online on pokemon Y !! :D ( lol i just had to say that lolz ) Anyway how have u been Flanix :p hows torchic ? :3
    Yes, walling is one of my favorites haha. And I love Technician users (Scizor, Hitmontop). They probably would be very aggravating haha I've had many people disconnect me on the random matchup in B/W and B2 haha. xD

    Yes, love Garchomp; it's an amazing Pokemon to have. Exactly, I use it almost every time I battle competitively. I have an Espeon too that I use competitively, although not as often due to its frailty (not a huge fan of frail Pokemon, as you can tell haha ;D). Actually, both my Espeon and Garchomp are shinies so I have a special love for the both of them. :)

    And I know, that Mega Garchomp is going to be an absolute wrecking ball. Can't imagine how that's going to affect the metagame.

    By the way, I found a shiny Espurr in the Friend Safari today randomly!!! 8D I totally freaked out!!
    Yes they definitely do haha! xD

    Yeah the prediction game can be crazy. It's fun though! My regular team is Hitmontop, Rotom (Wash), Cresselia, Garchomp, Gliscor, and Scizor. I also sometimes rotate in my Togekiss, Dragonite, Jellicent, Infernape, Scrafty, Gengar, Dusknoir, Tyranitar, Slowbro, Slowking, Electivire, Skarmory, and others. I have so many boxes of EV trained Pokemon (most of them level 100). Took so many hours in-game haha. :D
    Oh I see, I can understand that; there can be a lot of pressure involved! Pokemon breeding is rigorous yet rewarding work. That's a good point; the Friend Safari has basically become a Pokemon breeder's best friend haha. :)
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