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  • XD I'm backing you all the way with your plan. ;D

    And kay. Good. XD I WANT it to be done. XD Haven't found enough time for it. So hopefully, tonight. I can.
    Cool, thank you ^^ And the changes really make sense. I forgot to say as well, one of the pictures I found, was of an underground lab for the Judgment Hand.
    XD True that!

    Yes, Yes I did read your temp. Very impressive! <3 I'm ALMOST finished with my temp. XD if I'm back from my aunts house on time, I'll be sure to try and finish it.
    lol ^^ Well, the gun hunt is going good so far. I've found three types of guns, one specifically for the Underground, another for the War Heroes, and a third which can be used by both, but for the underground, it would have to be rarely. The three images that looks like robot suits, are all for the War Heroes, with one which can be the suit the war heroes wear.
    The other two being the advanced mechs the war heroes can use. The one on the bottom though, which seems to be floating, are used by the JH within their bases. Sort of like security, but they also can be deployed out onto the streets.

    Well, basically the creatures are the experiments done by the Judgment Hand, so, the Hunter, as it name suggests, is used for stalking people through all terrain without being noticed. It can move along walls and buildings incredibly quickly, while its tail and claws can slice through mostly anything. The back story to it, as well as basically all of the experiments, is that they are mostly a combination of Human and Animal DNA. The Hunter, has a combination of Lizard but also predator dna, like tigers, hyena's, etc. The combined instinct of them all, making it a terrifying monster. The Crawler, is possibly the only experiment, created solely from animal dna. Combining wolf, gorilla, lion, almost every animal with great physical strength, the Crawler with its powerful limbs, is able to move with such speed, it almost looks like a blur as it moves. The current final experiment, the Centaur Queen, is so far the only experiment, combined with some actual, alien dna. The reason none of the others have this, is because of the extremely limited amount the Judgment Hand have acquired.

    And really ^^ What did you have to change in the timeline.
    ^^ Cool. I've added a couple more pictures to the Album I created for the War rp, so I hope they're ok. I'm still looking for more pictures though, but if you want to ask me anything about them so far, just ask ^-^
    It's a good idea too, it's dying very, very slowly ;~; but I'll add you to the list as soon as I can. Finally someone who knows the meaning of a good sitcom, beside myself and everyone currently in the FC. I consider it the sitcom to pave the way for the rest after it, and yes the montage and bloopers were a bit of a tear jerker -_- god I miss the show, but at least we always have the DVD's. That and it still appears on TV :D
    Muffin? xD that's great, we have an FC for that and I think you two would be perfect members..and definitely be sure to check out DN the manga and anime. It's made of win <3 also I suggest you watch the anime "Monster" that's really good too.
    Hah! Awesome!!
    Alright. This is amazing. :D I'm like super excited for the RP's.
    And I'll def be here for the Death Note one! =D
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