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  • hey Bro, what's up... amp'ed for the roleplay? I can't wait until it starts off! which reminds me... i gotta pm you something...it's about something i wanna try..
    yeah the new one got a little more complicated and most of the veterans didnt play so there wasn't anyone to really talk to
    hey man i still remember you from the good ol' days. ive been GFXing alot lately so thats where im most active. but its good to hear from you again mate
    Ya I am def. looking forward to doing this RP. It really had a chance, and I decided what the heck I'll go Underground.
    Okay so my begining temp. is up but I need to know if my position I have is okay and what weapon is a snipe. xD
    right bro! ok my templates are up.... with alittle plot twist for Dygado at the end of his Bio, i'll tell yah now has to do something with June
    oh boy... this is gonna be awesome! for now though i'm gonna hold back on that whole third character but i do need you to check on my template's bio's.... i need to make sure they're ok... i'll message you when it's up i just started
    yupyup i'm already on the page, filling out my templates and everything XD

    i'm trying to see who i wanna put into this roleplay other than Dygado and Brol :D
    That was really good!! =D It's really true, too.
    >: I've only lived in Jersey for 2 years. XD

    Ah, okay. Thank yoou.
    Yeah. =) I love NY, but something about NJ just speaks to me. XD

    And awesome! I'll try and have my temp up by the end of the week, the latest.
    Good. XD My friend from NY is here for the week, and I might not be on as much. XD

    Oh and yay! I suck at weapons!
    yea i just noticed more, and hehehe putting Brol's secrets on there, what they REALLY were before he fixed them up
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