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  • Inbox.... look at it... NAOW! ... and yea bro i've missed yah too... things boring as usual in jersey -_-
    Gah! War for Power disappeared on the roster for all posts... i am sad :( i loved the first War for Power thread you and Seph2 made... been thinking about the old days on how we use to kill and slaughter our characters hahahahaha... hope your doing well bro..
    Welll... I guess I'll tell you... just because you asked so nicely =D

    It's about these type of human's turned into creature's called Renegades. They still look the same, but they have powers over elements and shizz like that, and they are considered enemies to the world the RP is based on, so they are like hunted down and stuff. They have like purposes they have to complete to keep the peace in the world, because the humans are on their way to destroying it. And yeah.

    I'd tell you more, but there is just so much >< I guess if you're really nice, I can send you what I've got written down so far in a PM... BUT! YOU CAN'T REVEAL IT TO ANYBODY! I CLAIM AUTOMATIC COPYRIGHT!!!!!
    Pretty much =D
    Working on an RP right now. It's very long and complicated ><
    heh sorry bro for not responding D: um yea what you got planned? I think you should private message me or something I dunno
    AWESOME! ^^ Lol. Just been trying to pass year ten. Which is harder than I thought it would be. -_-
    How about you? =D

    Appearantly this has to be 150 characters long. So, Imma write one letter for a looooonnnggg time....


    Yo we starting a new arc on the hawthorne rp. With a new villain and all. I know you havent posted in awhile, but just letting you know incase your interested again.
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