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  • All these compliments going around! Oh gosh! ><
    When should you be getting your template up? Would love to read it.
    Oh, shush you! It'll be great because of all the awesomeness you're bringing together with your return.
    Thank you! You were awesome at making characters as well. This will be the first time we've played together in years. Should be epic.
    Awesome! I figured if I just read through it I would come out with a general sense of how things are going to work. Should have a template in by a few hours.
    Now, first off, I haven't played Fallout before. Is it essential to the RP that I have some experience with the game? If so, my brother actually just bought Fallout Las Vegas yesterday and I'll see if I can have a play through that while I'm in the RP.

    Other than that, sounds absolutely amazing! I can already feel an Emma type character coming on. Can't wait to get a template in.
    Damn, just makes you think on what could have been. Like, I remember each time you retried it, I had a blast, and I honestly felt myself getting better as an rper with each go. Plus, it was pretty fun. :D

    Okay, I'll give it a look later on.

    Oh,I'm not sure if you still do graphic design, but I'm putting together a resource pack right now with a bunch of shit, so yeah. xD
    Yeah, I got that feel from those three. At least, based on the way they were being described. As for joining the fallout rp, I would, but I know little to nothing about the Fallout series. :/
    Oh trust me, you were. I think it's cause your rps are always high quality, especially your KHII rp that always had a great turnout.
    I consider you a bigger vet than me. i just never thought it I could be one of those guys. Not saying its bad, but I just never took it into consideration that I have a legend or whatever. Ya know, a reputation or something.
    I'll give it sometime before I decide whether this is a good or bad thing ;D
    I'm a vet?! I never thought of myself as one of those guys. I guess, in some ways, I am one of the "big guys". Though, I just keep on trying to get better at writing and rping, so perhaps along the way I did become one of those "power players".
    Let's just be honest with ourselves, Sol... Pleasing me is every ones game.
    Oh nice! You always want to make sure the contents of your rp is up to your expectations or else it won't last. It's a sad truth, but it's proven fact.

    Yeah, that's the namesake of KHI, after all. And I'm not that bad of a Power-player, am I? D:
    Oh nice! Have you been working on these long or was it one of those "spur of the moment" kind of ideas?

    Well, it probably won't be up for another couple days. I gotta make sure the plot is fullproof, and by that i mean I gotta lock up any loopholes, and by that I mean proofread. But yay, glad I can count on ya. Though, I know it just bearing the name of "Kingdom Hearts", it will draw in attention.
    Ah, I think I know what you're planning. Can't wait. :D

    Mecha and Adventure, eh? Sounds pretty interesting. Also, I'm working on a kh rp, my first actually creating. So, I'm pretty stoked for that.
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