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  • I wish I could join but I'm sure you have noticed I'm not on as much as I would like to XD ...

    Although, it is almost in limbo right now, I'm officially inviting you to my RP. I'm working on reviving it now after the poll has been decided =). Let me know what you think about it ;3
    Oh really man? I didn't think it would be that strong of a letter. I'm glad I could capture that aspect of the group for you.
    Hey there man. ^^ Added the Death Letter part to the template. Hope everything is ok with it. I removed the notes part just cause I don't think there's really anything to add. I might re-add it again with one or two little pieces, but nothing really that important. So how are you today?
    *Continues laughing until I cough up blood*

    Whoops. That's not a good sign.
    Great. ^_^ And funny enough, I just bought Fallout 3, Game of the Year edition yesterday and now the rp is up too. ^^ I'll try to get a template up for it soon, once I've had time to think out a character.
    Now that we're all back, things will finally fall into place.

    Oh. My, God. We can be the A-Team of the Role-Playing Section!

    *Single proud nerd tear*
    Hopefully we get more people interested in joining at least. I guess we'll have to see how things go. But since my return the RP-section seems to have degraded more than ever. Which is a shame, because it's and amazing section.
    Well, Emma was a woman, and women are typically weak for men armed with charm. Doesn't help that it would be a 'forbidden romance', and women can't get enough of those either. If the role play kept going, what would have happened between those two fools? Do you think they would leave New York?

    I'll see what I can do about changing that then :D
    Uhh, you're not forgetting about War for Power, right? You were Justice Hand and I was apart of The War Heroes and they weren't on friendly terms either. And we were even meant to kill each other!

    I haven't seen The Dark Knight Rises :(
    Well, pretty much every RP we've done together our characters end up getting along.

    Catwoman was a good movie :D
    Thanks, Sol! Just read through yours and I love it :D Can't wait to get this ball rolling!
    And it's up. Enjoy and let me know if anything needs to be changed.
    Same, up to weapons. I feel like I've reincarnated Emma from War for Power but with Daddy issues. o_O
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