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  • We just need one more person, and we can be the league of extreme nymphomaniacal priests of the grand wazoo.

    I nominate the sex fiends known as Zach, Luis, and David McCarthy.
    You say that, but I hear "Watson's the most amazing super special awesome person ever to grace this Universe"



    I should probably get that checked out.
    I would rather choke to death on my own semen.

    Just saying. I like the name, and all... just not on me.

    Maybe a better name would be... Mike Tyson!

    Pray to your gods.

    I mean god.

    I mean Watson.

    Pray to me. It boosts my ego.
    I had him as a role model for a year, two years ago.

    I got nothing done because I'm as lazy as him, but also an idiot.
    I have a suggestionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

    How about we both do basically the same amount of damage upon each other? You can even let your character TELL the orden guy that you killed her, I dunno. Just a thought.
    Not really, no.

    Not in the least.

    You're fucked, Sunny. And not the good kind of fuck. The painful, painful kind. Rape, basically. So, yeah. She's going to rape you.
    Of course I'll root for you. You're a person I've known for a few weeks. She's a person I've known for a year.

    You take precedence over Emily any day. Besides, you're a Sunny person. I like cheerful. Not creepy cheerful like Zach, but... Sunny cheerful.
    Severe injury and she somehow disappears in a way that makes it look like she's dying.
    I've never really done an RP before. It was weird and I wanted out. D:

    I'm up to nothin'. Just finished doing a proofread for my scan gr--FUCK ID IDN'T UPLOAD IT.
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