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    What do you predict the worlds of Kingdom Hearts IV will be(realistically, not what you want them to be)

    With a presumably steadier development than 3, and both better technology and a stronger understanding of it available to the devs, I'd anticipate an increase from 3's six full worlds -- probably eight Disney this time (plus a minigame world), with another two or three original worlds either...
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    News ► Nintendo Enthusiast: No plans for Switch ports for Kingdom Hearts games, other Nomura games possible

    Meh. These collections are already readily available on multiple other consoles. Better spending resources on actually advancing the series instead of just recreating/rereleasing/reporting the same titles over and over for every single console. Hopefully they also don't make a Switch exclusive...
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    Demyx in Melody of Memories

    Did you mean: Another gacha mobile game.
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory logo found in Dark Road website

    Oh, just please don't be another mobile game or another recycled assets game (CoM and Coded). I need console games that actually further the plot and develop the characters. Please.
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    Future announcements?

    My two cents on the likelihood of hypothetical upcoming titles. Based on Nomura's previous statements, I think we'll probably get three of these: KH4: Obviously 100% going to happen, but I wouldn't expect it to be released for several more years, with an official announcement only roughly 9...
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    News ► A Kingdom Hearts Disney Plus CGI series is rumored to be in the works

    Well, you're not necessarily wrong lol... I was kind of generalizing. I think it'd be too redundant to basically just redo the series from scratch with more modern graphics and then not really do anything differently. I think any hypothetical show needs to have itself in a position where it can...
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    News ► A Kingdom Hearts Disney Plus CGI series is rumored to be in the works

    I'm cautiously excited. I don't much see the point in a cg show with game graphics, show, especially if it's just a retelling/reboot of the series from the very beginning. Just go watch the cutscenes on Youtube, then... I'd MUCH prefer a live-action series that could be taken more seriously...
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    What character(s) would you like to see playable?

    Saix and Namine, no doubt. Saix is already a complete beast with his claymore, and with him being a part of the hero team now, I think it's possible that he could a playable segment in a future title. Just please don't give him a keyblade! His character has too much potential to be a truly...
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    Final Fantasy in Kingdom Hearts

    I wouldn't have an issue with Final Fantasy's and TWEWY's presence in Kingdom Hearts being wiped if any of their respective stories had been resolved... Cloud and Sephiroth are still eternally battling across worlds while Tifa searches for Cloud. Leon still has a past with Mickey and...
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    Potential surprise world for KH4?

    I can't imagine how any of these could really work... Nor do I foresee Disney agreeing to any of them, unless they have reason to demand it as a way of remarketing one of these ips. The most Star Wars should ever get in KH is some gummi battles that are inspired by SW... A musical transition to...
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    Extent of the Book of Prophecies

    I don't know much about Union X, but I've seen the Back Cover movie, and the driving force of the conflict in that movie the fact that each of the Foretellers have different pieces of information from the Book of Prophecies, and made a point of stating that Ava had some exclusive information, or...
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    For the next game

    I thought John Lasseter worked for Pixar, not Disney? I'd love to know more here. Allegedly, after the successes of the recent Spider-Man and Star Wars games, Disney's now encouraging game developers to continue taking creative freedoms with their ips. Although, I'm assuming that that pertains...
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    Time travel question

    Okay, so I have an additive question: Why were some of the Real Organization members replicas? Unless I'm mistaken, weren't Larxene and Marluxia in KH3 replicas? If so, then why? And how? They maintain their CoM memories -- a set of events that transpired over the course of a like a week, and...
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    Spoilers ► Theory: Luxord (Re Mind secret ending spoilers)

    Didn't Axel also "forget" some of his past (I was never really clear on whether he actively chose to ignore and forget about Subject X, or if he forgot about her after becoming a Nobody), but still woke up in Radiant Garden at the site of his separation? With Young Xehanort able to time travel...
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    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    Wow, I'm dumb lol. Forgot about all of them... Is it too late to delete that post?