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  • I'd say that that was just unfair. But then I remembered that my school is one of the very few schools who teach Philippine history lessons in English. Because most schools teach Philippine history in Filipino.
    *sigh* INORITE????? My sis says they're going to give us an illustration of some sort and the questions will be like "Identify this(arrow) mountain range.", "Identify this(arrow) province" and etc.
    Ni hao ma?
    Or something like that. Except with all the pin yin and intonation and meanings and characters and memorization.
    I'm not as much as a history nerd as some of my classmates are, but history could work....... if the test weren't in Mandarin.
    Yes. Some say I'm not school smart. I'm street smart. But I really don't care.
    And I've been learning Mandarin since I was in Kindergarten and I still haven't gotten the hang of it. And my sis says that in high school, we have to memorize the whole map of China :(
    Nope. It just means that I'm one of the people who others expect to NOT get an honor.
    and I'm not sure.
    Okay, okay(hard to explain). When your general average is really high then you can get on this thing called the "honor's list". If you get first then you're really, really smart. There are only like two or three girls in my batch who can actually get first honor. After first comes second. Second is just as good as first except it isn't as "wwooowww!!!!!". Then third. Third is what most straight honor students get. Then fourth. Fourth is pretty low. If you get a perfect score in all of your quizzes but flunk a major test, you can stil get a fourth honor. So as you can see, even if fourth is pretty low, me getting a fourth honor is unexpected and impossible. There. :D
    That's the thing. I don't really study. No, I was never held back a year or given summer classes or anything. I just don't study and get grades high enough for me to pass.
    I'm the type who looks I who doesn't study.
    And I bet that if I got even just fourth honor, my classmates would panic thinking it was the end of the world.
    It's hard for me because i don't speak Mandarin. Chinese class is actually considered the hardest subject by students at the school I go to. Including me.
    I think it is. And I hate having to memorize all the characters and pronounciation and meanings and all in class -_-
    And I always thought it was a Chinese dialect beause we learn it in Chinese class. :|
    Aw, man! And I was hoping you'd know how to speak Mandarin!! So much for that...... Oh, well. I'll just have to stick to Google translate.
    Just half? What Chinese dialects do you speak? I may need some help in doing homework, someday.
    Aww.. :(( The one on Jan.30 sounds big. It's the "Start of the year cosplay event". I wish I could fly to Singapore and go XD
    :( Well, I hope that knowing that there's gonna be a cosplay event on Jan. 30( I can't remember where) and another one(don't know if it's cosplay) on Feb. 3 in something called the Singapore Indoor stadium(?)!!!!
    You brought Marluxia_GA's attention to this statement because of the way you phrased it. You could have used the not fun, boring or something less harsh, considering there's nothing as "courage" nor "cowardly" when playing a game.
    Oh ok. Because here, we only move schools when we have to, when we get kicked out of our old one or when we graduate high school or nursery.
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