• Regarding KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory Spoilers

    Copies of KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory are out in the wild, which means spoilers are likely to appear at any point. Although this game has very few cutscenes and story content, we still request that users follow our standard spoiler procedures.

    KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory spoiler policy will end on December 13th, 2020.

    Spoiler threads will need to be tagged with the "Spoiler" prefix. Discussion inside of the thread does not need to be put under spoiler tags, so it is at your discretion to use them.

    Spoilers outside of spoiler threads MUST be hidden using the spoiler tag.

    If you do not follow these rules, your account will be banned.

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  • I know huh my parents agreed with them DAMN THEM ALL TO HELL!!! i never got a chance to explan myself ether schools just think that they can say what ever the hell they want to and parents will belive them "sighs"our lives suck lol hey what kind of music do u like?
    There are other sites too like the one Kingdom hearts 3 forums that's even cool! I am there as Niha!
    lol My teacher is a dick...hell it wouldnt surprise me if she had one lol, i was susspended for two days for goin to the wrong class on the first day of school they said i should of been in class and they changed my classes early that morning and didnt tell me. I think my school hates me,try to beat that girly girl lol.
    OMFG really how retarded that dumbass teacher. wre u the only one who got detention? oh i got one better once my teacher sent me to detention and class hadent even started yet i just walked into class when the teacher told me to go to detention. I think she sent me there cuz of meaness and fuckin retardness lol
    lol "whispers"ur in 7th grade oh wow i thought u to be like in the 10 grade lol well geez ur younger than me holy crap now i feel like an old man lol

    my teachers give me too much damn hw that i cant take it all home i leave most of it in the garbage...i mean on the teachers desk like a good boy "smiles" lol
    Ok first welcome and second do u mean create a thread? cuz u have been posting right.
    If u wanna create a thread i recemend creating a welcome thread first...basicly sayin hi im new and jazz like that ok.

    Next go to the foyer and look for a button sayin new thread and click and BAM u can create a thread just like that.
    How are ya anyway?
    You mean a new thread? Click the section you want to post it in, select the button that says "New Thread" (there's one at the top and bottom of each section) and start writing.
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