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Recent content by slimjd

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    Three Halloween + Christmas Town Gameplays (Chicken Little Summon)

    i liked the part when jack was wearing the santa costume even in battle
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    Short Atlantica Dance Game

    i wonder how the american voice actor for sora* cant spell his name* is gonna sing since sora sings a little
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    funiest cutscene

    the em took his money in tt so when roxas saw him he wanted his money back. it happened
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    hahaha im getting kh2 before yall do

    thank goodness for my modchip
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    hahaha im getting kh2 before yall do

    i hate to burst ur bubble but i alrdy have it...
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    Spoilers- Dark Mode

    oo man i hope i get a chance to see it soon
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    Have start playing KH2 ? <Include progress>

    i beat beast's castle and im currently at land of dragons.
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    1hr left

    that would suck if its not in tomorrow and i would have to wait a few days lol
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    1hr left

    i wish i knew more japanese so i could understand the story a lot better lol... yea its 11:56 pm here too
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    1hr left

    well im gonna have to sleep soon as it is almost 12 and i got practice tomorrow.
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    1hr left

    man i wanna go visit japan =(
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    1hr left

    probably some of the words used in the text and stuff
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    1hr left

    about 30 more minutes left
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    1hr left

    i live so close to japan yet so far away
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Strategy Guide

    Re: Strategy Guide (Spoilers) good night xal thanks for all the info