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    Official KH3/Console War Thread

    Alright guys, thanks to your constant retardation I'm revamping this thread in hopes that you all learn to handle yourselves better during the debate. Yes, you all can still stray off into "x console vs x console" without it having to do with KH, hence the / in the title. Just follow the below...
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    I like generic tags...

    ...and lines. Tag for Vossler/lol Palmer/Sexual Chocolate/"My Riku" *btw I has an opening for anyone who wants to be my Kairi* bangbangbangbangbangbang *repeat 30 more times* FFXIII Cloud /oldjokeisold Do not question the big white text, he is not Ken he is Ryu. Kyo/Koga in a...
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    [Dec] SotW 104

    Hope none of you guys mind that I did it the Dec.
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    Anybody want these

    Yeah previews sucks but I don't fucking care. Download by Mediafire 102 stocks/renders and 6 of my PSDs, if you wanna rip go ahead just don't get caught.
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    Disaster vs Sir Jecht (Voting)

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    Open 1v1 challenge Theme: Freestyle Size: Whatever (reg tag size) Due: June 7th.
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    I hate photoshop

    This was two different tags that both got lost thanks to PS not responding, all I had left was the half of each image so I combined the two and somewhat started over. The above is the end result. Just FFXIII, no real story behind this one. CnC both or whatever =/
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    I tried

    I haven't made a tag in a 3-4 months and I wanted to make an attempt so here it is :/ CnC
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    lolz dats ironic, hahaha fuck off. Let me just cut right to the chase, most gay guys in my area piss me off and what annoys me more than a gay guy who sways his hips and refers to his fellow fag friends as "the girls" is one who hits on you constantly. Yeah sure it's funny to be the...
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    King Kamina+Yokosan

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    Tips to improve on both or either?
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    Monitor issues

    I have Westinghouse LCM-20v5 20.1'' monitor connected to my Acer travelmate 2450 laptop. It has worked fine for about 2 years and has had no problems displaying in it's maximum or native resolution up until last Thursday. For some reason the monitor refuses to go to a 1400x1050@60Hz display but...
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    Ivalice Alliance order?

    I've been wondering for a while now what is the exact chronological order of the Ivalice Alliance(including Vagrant Story I guess)? Is there even an official order to it?
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    Trance Kuja vs (any form) Sephiroth

    Just wondering who people think would win in a fight.
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    USB Devices not Recognized?

    Recently all my USB devices have ceased to worki on my laptop, anything I plug in either freezes(usually the printer or my psp) the computer or a little window pops up saying this. The unknown device is the mouse which has worked for over a year and yesterday it just stopped working. I tried...