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  • I have like 3 or 4 songs by them. All they have are mini albums I think and I never know which ones to get. But they're good from what I heard
    Whoa lol well I got an album of them and I like them. They sing alot of songs in English. Which is good for me lol
    as a response to your thread...I say your ready... I beat standard at lvl 46 and had a fun time and beat proud at level 50 so I'd say ur ready...
    well yeah we gotta love Utada lol but i havent looked alot into any jpop people

    i think i saw one when they pranked Rain and another girl into thinking they liked eachother when they didnt.
    yeah, most people here listen to j-pop or whatever. and thats kool and all but i try and stay different

    I think one time i looked on yesasia.com and they had all kinds of artist merchandise. Thats where i found out the names of people and looked them up
    u could download them...thats what i do

    Oooooh, i been waiting for someone to talk to about this stuff! lol i'll listen to them fo sho
    ha yeah it did, i was like wheres the explosion?

    yeah thats him! he has one full album and a mini album out
    really, whoa. That was kinda funny xD

    its one guy, hes like the fastest rapper in Korea
    ha yeah, i wouldnt mind seeing him ;D

    really? i havent heard much of them. I think i been listening to old bands and not alot of girl bands. Have u heard Outsider?
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