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  • Kingudamu hâtsu: Bâsu bai surîpu (2010) (VG)

    That's what I mean. Bricks were definitely shat and squees were made.
    I just heard it was a helluva party, I didn't really pay much attention the guest list. :p

    Yes, Terra!Bale shall live on. Especially if what IMDB says is true.

    That's what I heard, although I did hear that there was a helluva party too. Still, I hope that SE won't disappoint. So looking forward to hearing Terra, even if it isn't Terra!Bale. Speaking of which...hehehe...:watches Terra!Bale video again:


    Speaking of Terra!Bale, they have Christian Bale listed as his VA again on IMDB. I know it's not the most reliable site in the world, but it makes me wonder since it's so close to E3.
    I'm sorry about your friend. I lost my grandmother this time last year and it was hard.

    LOL Skittles...I've been watching BBS videos to get myself psyched up for later on today.
    D: That's horrible. It's fine if you drop out, I understand. I hope things go well for you back at home. >:

    I feel your joy. :D I was just browsing around on YT and found it. I squee'd so fcking loud. Just share the Terra!Bale love on the VA board. Because now we have proof that it TOTALLY FITS. And OMG when he said, "Then you're gonna love me," I was like,

    Yes Terra!Bale. Yes we are going to love you.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch it! Lemme know what you think!

    Aww man. But dude that would have been so fcking awesome if you would have caught that guy on camera.
    It shows Vanitas's face, but that's the only spoiler. I just put the spoiler warning on there just in case you haven't seen his face yet, but no, other than that, there's no spoilers.

    OMG, did you bring back some smexi boiz? I can has one? :puppy face:
    I'll just leave this here...It's kind of spoilery, especially when it comes to Vanitas (okay, it's very spoilery), but it's got a lot of hella sexy Terra!Bale. Just in case you wanna, y'know, fangirl and squee.

    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    Okies, things won't be moving too fast so you don't have to worry much about being left behind. ^w^ See you when you get back.
    That's sorta mean. But that's kool and nice, I want presents! Lol have u heard another band called BEAST
    The only reason I looked them up is I saw a bracelet that one of then designed and I liked it. I read somewhere they're like fashion icons or something like that. Umm I think the latest album they had is called Year of Us. Maybe look that up and ull get something
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