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  • Hello everybody! We have tons of new awards for the new year that can be requested through our Awards System thanks to Antifa Lockhart! Some are limited-time awards so go claim them before they are gone forever...


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  • Why not? It's not that bad from what I can tell, asides from a few extra testing weeks. Then again, I'm just going to a prep-school that has everything from middle school sixth-graders to giant Senior highschoolers.
    I'm a freshy fish too. :3 Going to be a s'more next year, which'll be sort of fun, I guess.
    Lucky. I'm in until the sixteenth, so it ends this week but, I know people who've been out for a couple weeks already. >: Oh well, I can feel happy in that they're going to be going back to school sooner than me. <3
    Hm... Could be better but, I'm fine with it thus far. I have to finish up some quizzes and end of the year tests by wednesday.

    How're you?
    Haha, nice. And my boyfriend got me that plush because on our first date we talked about super smash(we're so cool) and I told him my favorite character to play was pikachu. :)
    I really don't play it for the pokemon. I know it's pathetic, but I actually like the story line they have. As childish as they are, they are fun. :) As long as a pikachu is in it, I'm good.
    Yeah, Ash is a jerk! JK. Yes, I've played them all. Idk if I'm liking the new generation at all.. But I haven't liked the last three either.
    Hahaha, really? Awe, you should try playing it. It's pretty good. I used to be into anime a lot in middle school, then a little my freshman year. Now, not so much. Just pokemon, but only the original episodes. :)
    Haha, I see. It's okay, I can tell you my story too. I was always into nintendo, never really played any of the final fantasies before kh. But I was starting to get into like the Japanese games, and anime and all that. So when I found out disney was doing a game without disney characters, I was like OKAY! I never played ff7 Starting to play ff8 on my psp, my boyfriend played 9 and I watched that, and he got 13.But before all that it was just zelda, mario, and banjo for me.
    Hahaha, well I just meant at the time it came out, I loved Riku. Now I pretty much like everyone. Why did you never play it before? I tried to get my boyfriend to play it, but he wasn't too much of a fan, lol.
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