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  • Well,I was on Wi-Fi a few hours ago. But, I sort of forgot that we might live in different time zones. Right now, I'm not able to trade you; not at my dad's house. Do want to try again? If so, I won't be able to do it till Thursday. Sorry!!! :C
    Hello, this is a mass-message to people who I've spotted in the Pokémon thread.

    I don't know if you're aware, but a Pokémon tournament is being organised and we need to get down the names of people who would be interested in this event and participating in it. A date for this has not yet been set, but it is thought that it will be held around a month after the European release of Heart Gold and Soul Silver; this does not mean you have to use these games for the tournament since Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold and Soul Silver are all inter-linkable on Wi-Fi. Rules have not yet been set, but if the response is big enough, an announcement thread will be made and rules will be set. If you are interested in participating, please respond.

    - Sol.
    im hoping that me and my friend Daniele (thats his name) can talk more because before we used to talk every night about girls our future and all that stuff
    now we just saw what's sup to each other and thats all
    well one of my friends from the old apartment goes to the school i go to but he's always ditching
    i go back to my apartment because there are people that we are firends with
    im not sure

    well for a parent they did but i do miss my apartment friends
    we have went through some rough shit and have sticked together
    they know
    thats the main reason we moved to another house
    i heard that my uncle from my dad's side was from MS but i aint too sure
    yea you can say that but they also protect me from a lot of things
    they didnt want me to smoke or join the crews
    i kept on bragging to them if i could so its really all my fault and they are the ones who got in trouble for it
    I still could see one of them because he never did all that stuff
    well i lived in a apartment since i was little
    i made friends with the people in there
    i have been their friends since i was 4
    now that i cant see them because they have turn into gang members or tagger
    its really devastating for me esspecailly that i know its the best for me
    but I have been involved
    I have done some bad stuff
    thats the reason my parents moved to a house because where we used to live I was really close to gang members
    talking about this made want to do a thread in the intel section
    go check it out if you want
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