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  • so let me understand this rightly? If I don't wanna call you I ask for your number? odd your very odd :p yea I know but im not sure if i really could do it and PASS cause I guess you need 80% to pass in college
    well i only did that because things in my life were hecktic and with all due respect at that time you were kinda being a wittle bitchy. I do apologize for that whole mess. sighs well it's simple as this if I take my gaming course im going to have to add these courses to my already semi strenuous programing courses: Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, and physics 1 *not the same as physics 101 I might add :/* sighs Honestly im not sure if i can handle it. I could handle programing once i got into the class we both know that but......physics precal trig? idk
    misquoted i said i would call but i forgot the number yes as for don't care i said if your going to be unreasonable and hate me for what appeared to be no reason i said screw you* I happen to prefer knowing why im hated it's a very complex thingy mechanizim.....gee sounds like dalton is a sneaky little bastard who enjoys me out of your life eh? im sorry to hear about that that sucks i think chewy is on his last leg myself and oh yea i don't know if i'll be becoming a game designer how's danny boy?
    im....honestly? scared and confused and unsure how are you? according to dalton im on your black list so i must say im surprised your talking to me
    spits milk outta mouth it falling out of my nose at the same time* HAHAHA who was the poor desperate fool who did THAT one man i gotta feel sorry for that kid gonna be on ugly SOB *literally and SOB probably xD
    yeah well if i don't insurance will drop me from moms plan since im now 18 i don't even know how the hell i'll pay for it cause it has to be full time. then they somehow want me to get a car on this bullcrap 44 dollar paycheck
    i've noticed life sucks im trying top get into college i have to get in this fall or else im screwed so bad you don't even know 70,000 dollars screwed
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