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  • Do you know how its getting better? Srry if its annoying that im asking these questions but I just want some help.
    Hey you said your doctor told you that your vision is improving right?
    It definitely flew from out of your head... Faster than Peter Pan! xD

    So TAHT'S where it came from!
    Hey, do you have a link to that trailer by any chance? I tried looking at gamestop's page for the game, but it had the old trailer instead (the original 30 second one)
    Yeah, i hear ya.

    I'm pretty sure you will like the new battle system, it's really good...anyway i have to go, see ya around.
    Yeah, it's definitely worth it.

    Personally i'm looking forward for the new secret boss after all i already beat BBS.
    omg i thought this was a new screen for 3ds lol!!! I feel like such an idiot!!!
    sign hows u get the picture of sora wielding the key without making it as a link?
    So yes sorry for being bitchy...but this is what happes when my team gets under fire.... you would to...your still myf riend i jsut get really angery!
    Yes i know you do...it seems everyone....does,its jsut I don't think you realsie all the work, oka for example twiligth chaser and CGNET they actully have 50-50 for characters,and the offical dub wa splain awful. Come on...your a smart girl I knwo you are! and very creative...but the cast was horrible. I think with combined forces these to fandub teams actully but out a DECENT if not BETTER dub then those lazy ass docuhes can in a year! why? simple Jesse McCathney SUCKS! Aqua HORRIBLE Terra was actulyl good I liek christen Bale but all I can now think is him saying "I'm Batman!" Mark Hamil and Lenord Nimoy really need to switch roles,and well you gwt my point.
    HEY I;M PART OF TWILGIHTCHASERS FANDUB! AND I DO FIND IT OFFICSICVE WHEN YOU SAID THAT BOTH FANDUBS SUCKED (I was king Mickey mosue thank you,along as stich,young sora,etc...actulyl CGNET and Twilgithchaser are tag teaming up to redo the English trialer) come on,YOU and I both know that THe Englsih trialer WAS LAME! i cringe at willa holland (you know this already see thsi si waht happedns when you my dear piss me off... I apoligise. and yeha he was trollign it....the good thing about being promoted to co-director si tha tI can actully fidn and doign casting,and recyling a few people. think of it,taking the best form both to create a better thing =D also who knwos i know who you would eb perfect as.
    I understand! hahah i;m not that creative int he name department hahahah really? wow! well yeah...thanx you for being sooo awsome! ^^
    okay,haha sorry about that hun! ANyways woot! thanx for inviting me here! ^^ *break dance fight XD*
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