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    Japanese Response to KH III?

    Its not really a bias to Amazon per say as more of as its just a known/is hotspot for bashing products in Japan since its really easy to do so without even purchasing the item from them or owning it period. I also worked for Amazon customer service for a few years. So I got to see first hand the...
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    Japanese Response to KH III?

    Honestly, the internet is not going to give accurate examples for most things whether it be a game or something else. When it comes to entertainment, the internet is going to only hold the vocal-kinda vocal crowd for either side of an idea/argument. Most people don’t go onto the internet after...
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    Japanese Response to KH III?

    Just in case people didn’t know, Amazon Japan’s review section is known for being the place to be negative about any product in general. Not saying the criticisms posted above are wrong because I do agree with some, but Amazon Japan (or Amazon in general) is not the best place to get an accurate...
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    Kingdom Hearts III OST: Shimomura, Ishimoto

    I also felt weird about the music in 3. I don’t think the tracks are bad, as I think they are amazing and they sound Kingdom Hearts. My problem is every world has the same type of sound for its normal just walking around track and its battle themes. In passed games we had, jungle drums...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2.8 for Xbox One

    Iv seen it mentioned in this topic already but I agree its mainly due to the ps4 having a touchpad so they can keep the 3ds touch controls. If the xbox 1 had a touch pad i think they would have released it on there but it doesnt.
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    FINAL FANTASY Box Set (FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX): Official Game Guides

    So I just got mine in the mail today and they are very nice! I do have a question though. They are advertised as being "redesigned and updated with new content." Does anyone know whats been updated yet? I am planing on skimming through the Final Fantasy 9 guide because I have read the original...
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    Final Fantasy 7,8,9 Game Guide Box Set

    Hey guys I was searching the web and noticed places like Amazon and Gamestop had listings for a boxed set of guides with the name I put in the title. I did some research and saw a lot of news sites posting about this with pictures from the san diego comicon of the actual set. Is this a real...
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    Some things I noticed in KH 1.5

    Re: somethings i noticed in KH 1.5 No they didn't take it out because they still searched for sora in my copy of 1.5.
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    CoM/Re:CoM: Arranging Deck around Sleights. Cheap or not?

    Idk, the times I have played it I never did use to many sleights because I had a hard time memorizing what values I needed for which sleights. However, the latest time I have played through it I had more sleight options and I actually enjoyed the game better. But, I don't think I would like to...
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    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS -HD 1.5 ReMIX- NA Launch Trailer at PAX East!

    Yes voices can drop in around 20 days, however the ending scene of KH1 has Sora, Donald, and Goofy already in that grassy world where they stumble upon CO. (you know the scene right before sora comes to the cross roads at night) So does that mean his voice dropped in like at most a week or did...
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    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS -HD 1.5 ReMIX- NA Launch Trailer at PAX East!

    Am I the only person that finds playing KH1 and then directly starting Re:Com jarring because his voice suddenly gets older after only like a day in the game world. I actually really wanted soras lines to be rerecorded by hjo just for consistency. I do agree that keeping all of the other voices...
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    KH3D won best 3DS and RPG at Gamer's choice 2012

    It didnt really surprise me but then again most of the people who have a video game console in my town know about KH. So I'm pretty used to people all around me getting excited for a new kingdom hearts game.
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    COM Ultimania Non Nomura Interviews

    I was reading all of the interviews in the archives and I was wondering if anyone knows if the interviews from the battle, sound, map teams are translated for any of the ulimanias? I found a very obscure website that had them for the first game's ultimania, but I can't a site that has COM's...
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    Yeah me neither. Im going to watch a youtube video of that part that way i can still experience the cutscene at the time i skip it instead of later.