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  • I managed to max a lot of them. But, not all. It's pretty hard to, I find. But, I'm going to start a third playthrough soon I think, so, perhaps I'll try for that this time...
    I probably will like it. It looks similar to P4 and I didn't enjoy what I played of P3P so far (mostly because of the lack of 3D-ness). so, I'm sure I'll like it more,.
    Well. I just bought FES, so, hopefully it -will- be worth it and I won't feel like I just wasted money, lol.
    Yeah its different. When you play as the girl you have a few different music themes and the best part is the boy and girl have different social links so its not exactly the same and its fresh.
    Yeah, I'll make a note. I worry though that might make more people want to spoil me though... nah, I won't worry, lol.
    I think I'll buy it right now, then. I won't feel bad about having bought P3P because it still has the girl mode, so, I'll play FES and then P3P Girl. Yeah =]
    I love it when Teddie makes out with Kanji!~

    lol thanks. Hopefully no one will abuse the commenting/asking/suggestion feature on my blog to be mean, but, I don't see people doing that.
    Yeah I like Yukiko she is my favorite. I loled so hard when Teddie, Yukiko, and Rise got drunk at the club. I'll make sure not to spoil anything for you if I do find out something I promise!
    Just through my blog, really. I'm worried people might spoil me on my blog... that would suck.
    Do you like Yukiko a lot?
    Haha, nice. I expect many comments about how awesome P4 is, as you play.
    Not much. Thinking about writing. Finalizing my plans to leave KHI: I've decided Dec 31st is going to be my last day.
    I think knowing the japanese fans views on the series vs. the americans would be cool but you said you didnt know much about that so how about disproving the claims that the plot is confusing and full of holes. I agree with you that the series is easy to understand andd not that confusing.
    lol, well, Chie and Yukiko are known to overreact anyway. I loved the camping parts though, especially Kanji being with the boys.
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