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  • hey, i suggest you go back to that thread on the unbirth symbol. it shows the flaw on the card and unbirth symbol similarity.

    the picture you compared to the cards is fan made and flawed.
    Yep he is a curse to the genre. Finding good rappers in the mainstream is hard.

    Yea, they are referring to the past events a bit too much and not addressing the new problems at hand. They need to support the progression that blacks have made.
    Well they are some of the good rappers that I came across. Its also is agreed by different people who know real hip hop/rap that these that I mentioned are some of the good ones. Even though I am losing hope with Drake since he is trying to be like Lil Wayne.

    Yeah I know their cause is great but doing what the other side is doing isn't always the best way to do things.
    You should listen to them since they are the only good rap out there.

    Dead Prez released an album not too long ago. Their songs are good but their usage of the word cracker piss me off.
    A bit of Drake, The Roots, Mos Def (This above all else) and Wale. Lupe Fiasco too but he hasn't been active for awhile.
    Oh well if you put it that way then yea I am a bit clueless as to what you mean sometimes.
    LOL your the first person to call me naive. I guess thats the type of look people see when they first meet or hear me. Its only when they actually hear the real me then they notice that I'm anything but naive.
    I tried anal with a female once. I didn't like it much. I also need attraction before I can have sex and since I'm not attracted to males it won't work.
    LOL nah I don't have an attraction to males.

    I just let gay/bi/lez people live their lives and see hating them as a negative.
    This place is full of mean people so I was on the defensive.

    If you don't want to explain why then thats fine since I am sensing an argument and my low arguing interest ran out.
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