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  • your name has lots of special characters in it.

    i guess that automatically makes you awesome.
    what are your thoughts on silh? did you kill him? where were you on November 10th 3:37AM within the KH MANZION?
    Yeah, the annoying bit is just trying to figure out where to go. The online writing scene is pretty shitty.
    On the one hand, I think it's funny that you're talking about how DM is deserted and everyone there sucks.

    On the other, it makes me sad that CW is worse. =(
    Erm, what do you think?

    Welcome To The Limit!

    1. We need a stock witch is in good quality. Doesn't have to be perfect but if you can get it please enjoy to use it ^^. Also PLEASE give us a stock that can is a good size. Something above 300x300.

    2. Patience is the key. Seriously were not robots give us time and be polite ^^.
    Oh, and if you keep nagging us (or just me for a while) I wont do it.

    3. In case your request doesn't end up being exactly how you envisioned it, you can talk it out. If an artist strays from the color scheme you requested, it's probably because it looked better that way.

    4. Please dont overflow us, Do another request either in 2-3 weeks.
    Oh and since im the only one here, and you see me getting alot request wait untill i get those done.

    PLEASE remember to follow the rules


    Stock: (the image for the sig)
    Color: (any colors or types of colors?)
    Text: (what do you want it to say?)
    Artist: (who to do it?)
    Size: (pixel by pixel size of the tag)
    Avatar: (Matching Avatar)

    (Note Skye is still new at avies. So he'll fail once in while. I warned you!)

    Copy and paste this template with what you want in a post.
    We will try to get it done as soon as we can!
    Depending on how busy we are we may be a bit slow on requests.

    Please, if you want to join the shop. Pm me with your latest tags, and i'll think about it.
    Um, hi ^^. I'm thinking to make a shop but i don't really know what to put for the post like: Rules and templates and other things.
    Could you please help?
    whats with the fucked up FFX generic name change. The name Scarecrow was the shit
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