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  • It sure would :3

    Ohh, that sounds kind of interesting. Depends, if it's fast paced. Otherwise, I might say differently once I try it out xD
    Aw, that's too bad they didn't release it out there! Because you could have met the other members in Organization thirteen :(
    I know, she's gone through so much on her own :d

    I did have some sympathy for her at the end myself. I just wish, they had made her into an original character. Instead of a replica. Because I was really excited over 358/2 Days and all of the hype surrounding her. The game is still good, just a little disappointing in other ways :p

    I do love FF. The thing is, I didn't get into it, until like, much later on. Because I wasn't aware of it as much at the time. I grew up on Nintendo before branching out to other systems. FFVII was the very first game I played. Didn't finish it, cause I was inexperience with that type of gaming. But, it got me sink'd into the other FF games out there xD

    What's FFIX about?
    Your welcome xD
    I can totally agree with you there. On both accounts when it comes to Terra. I played him last :]
    That's awesomesauce that you do! Kind of wish Vanitas was playable >xD Oh yes, they most definitely are.

    I'm not all that good at mini games either. I pretty much hated Ice Cream Beat. Thought I was never gonna get passed it.
    I wonder what Flick Rush is like :3
    Yes, it's quite fun once the mini games are out of the way though x'D

    Ooh yeah, you make a vaild point. She really was quite the damsel in distress in both kh1-2. Maybe in the future kingdom hearts games, Kairi will have some character growth and become playable. I actually liked Larxene, lol. Mostly because of re:chain of memories. Thought she was done really well in the game. Sadly yes, this series lacks females. Oh hold on! You forgot about Namine! That makes like four. Course the guys out number them, lol xD
    I like everyone you listed except Riku wouldn't be on my list as a favorite. I like him okay though.

    The only character I can think of that I dislike most is Xion. Between her being a replica and taking the memories of Sora from Roxas, kind of bugs me. I think she shouldn't have been made out to be someone important like she was. I could have liked her; had it not been for those reasons.
    Remaining favorite characters you haven't named; Marluxia, Larxene and Namine.

    I know ;u; aw that's so sweet. Wow that's pretty cool you finished it that quickly.

    Thank you! Yes I am! Would have to be FFVII Crisis Core and Final Fantasy X-2. On a side note, I loved playing Terra in Dissidia.
    I've also played FFX and FFXIII. Except I haven't completely either one, lol. What about you?
    h-hello shaz i`m zexion but my real name is amber nice to meet you i`m just trying to meet new people i just made this account :)
    Your welcome Shaz! Really like that nickname of yours too. Its got a nice ring to it =]
    I like Aqua because she's a keyblade wielder and her attack style is different. I think my favorite character would have to be Vanitas. I like the bad guys a lot in the kingdom hearts series. Personally I like both Aqua and Ventus; except for Terra.

    What did you think of Ice Cream Beat in BBS? Do you like or dislike anyone in the kingdom hearts series? And did you get KH3D? (I don't have it myself but planning on getting it eventually xD)
    Your welcome xD Was Aqua your favorite character to play in BBS?
    Why thank you! You can call me KK for short ;D
    Your welcome! I don't mind, I'm happy to make another new friend here!
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