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  • I'll have to look that up later; sounds like a useful app to have. Thanks for, explaining it to me.

    You play piano? What kind of songs do you play on there? (I have a piano but, haven't touched it in awhile and out of practice.)

    Well, I hope your wrist continue to get better. :3

    Is a proof reader the same thing as an editor? Are you needing a proof reader to put your stories on the forum or is this Paradox?

    (So you perfer me calling you by your actual name or username here?)

    Hmm, I'd say you're lucky to have one out of the other. What does an assistant artist do? (The frst time I've ever heard of one.)

    Why thank you, Rueben. I like your name too.
    What color pencil should I use for that? I still need a lot of work with human shapes and depth. I think I got the shading okay.
    Follower and his Pet by ~ienzo628 on deviantART I am just wondering what I can use for coloring this picture to make it look like it is from an animated movie, instead of a drawing. I can't afford Topix markers, because they are too expensive.
    You're welcome.

    If you don't mind me asking, what is "instagram"?

    Its sweet of you to offer that, but, I think the art work you've been showing is more than enough. If I ever have a request, I'll let you know.

    I still wish I had seen it. You drew it so cleverly that I have so much more to learn. Thanks for believing in me though!

    7 whole years of dedication of drawing, literally is impressive. I look forward to seeing you grow more into the artist you wish to be or dream of.

    I'm sorry your wrist got hurt so badly. Has it gotten better, since we've last spoken? =3 it's quite a feat to defy physics and flip backwards.

    Thank you for the link. <3 I can understand that. You truly are passionate about Paradox. I wish I had a passion like that. Hopefully you find a proof reader soon for it. A 200 page art book is something I would love to read someday.

    Its nice to meet you, Rueben Nichols. My name is Mariah.
    I see, your originals are truly amazing and stunning. What kind of requests do you get from someone? That was quite trickey, trying to guess what the drawings had in common. Guess my observation isn't top notch yet. lol.

    $30 commission? Meaning, you're doing art for someone, that you get paid to do and can't show it yet?
    So, you're a natural talent, but, don't fully enjoy the art style you draw in? You kind of lost me a bit in there. xD

    Ever think you'll finish your originals or fanart? You're welcome. :D Oh. I'm glad you didn't sprain your drawing/writing hand, Shasta. What happened to your wrist?
    Do you usually draw fanart, doodles or original art each day? Well, anything you show off is really cool to look at. I'm impressed that you draw so often. ^_^
    Thanks for the surprise friend request, Shasta. :D You made my day.

    How often do you draw? I gotta say you work fast uploading new drawings, unless you've had these drawings at hand for awhile?
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