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  • I KNOW! D: And the manga is so funny to...its...its like Im not sure such a thing should even exist!

    They could've at least been lazy and not have kept the powers to a set of items that don't exist in that game. xD

    So mean but so much fact. xD
    He still has the powers too?! They really did bad with Shadow then. x[

    06s predecessor? They think that lowly of it? 0_0
    Generations was only half good cause of Classic Sonic and his stages. Modern Sonics half was nothing groundbreaking or really even fun and don't even get me started on the story and cheesy clicheness of the ending when they all cheered Sonic. =_=

    That....is just horrendous. I now have one more reason to wish Shadow stayed dead in SA2.

    But what of the powers bro!?

    I don't know how it can be a certinatiy unless the showrunners themselves have said so. Just cause something is a sequel doesn't mean there won't be any episode dedicated to how the group meet or to something of their pasts. After most shows like that go so long it's next to impossible for them to not have a backstory or "origins" episode.
    Sonic Lost World was on exception from 10yrs of trying as well though *cough*~ xD

    B-but time travel!? REALLY? Why can't people be more creative than that? u_u

    So your mad there's no backstory? That may be what they're using the show for. The game ties into the show as well. Doesn't excuse it but that's a reason I could see being given for it.

    What's the reasons? I'd rather they had left Shadow out. He still have chaos power?
    I'm doubbtful on the Sonic Team part given their record the past decade. At least the story sounds better. =D

    Why does everyone do time travel!? Dx *flips house*
    Isn't the point for them to be different? Its a new canon parallel to the Sonic Team one. Though I can't say I like to hear Knuckles is a complete idiot now. =[
    So Shadow isn't evil but sounds so?
    So basically a moderate rating. Meh better than what I expected tbh. xD
    Hey there! (Nah, you're good! xD)

    I've been better, now that I'm back to a 100 percent. I feel like one of those veteran members on the forum that come and go more often these days. I can't say much is new with me besides the Holidays approaching and doing what I can on the forum from time to time. Of course, there's also playing video games and ect too. I should take a look at your drawing thread again; it's been ages since the last time I've done so. C: How've you been, Shasta? Also, I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving in advance!
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