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    News ► Take a look at Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind's Japanese Pre Order theme

    Is there actually any reason why the pre-order themes are so much different? The last one was for the special Japanese-only PS4 I think, the whole concept is just absurd.
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC Detailed and Priced

    I really wish there was a way to get the missing tracks from the current world tour that aren't on the CD. Is there any information about the length of the concert video?
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    A Lack of Nobodies

    I agree, I really hoped we'd see all the missing ones in KH3 or at least Vexen's since he did join the Organization again.
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    A Look Back: Highlights of KH2 Worlds according to Nomura

    I think this is the only source where we got a comment on what happened with the rising falls in Hollow Bastion between the games. It's a shame they "dried up" between games (except in the garden of assemblage) because I really liked the end-game flair of the first game, which might only have...
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    (SPOILERS) Union X: Cornerstone of the World's Rebirth

    I'm just wondering since the "5 years ago" title card was so specific, could the whole χ-saga operate on the real (our) timeline? In-game that 5 years ago was an unspecific day after Ava got her role. Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] officially started on July 18, 2013 which was over six year ago. Five...
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    10/3 Union χ JP Update: Event Schedule, Keyblade War EV finale

    I could only defeat Invi and Ava is not on my menu. Guess I'll come back with tier 12 medals in a year from now on.
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    October 4th - Kingdom Hearts Union χ ENG Update

    They also forgot that they translated the final entry of the book of prophecies before. The entry from the event is the same as in KH3, but the original translation that was made in quest 94 isn't changed. It's the same company that made the additional translations for KHFM though, I'll guess...
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    10/3 Union χ JP Update: Event Schedule, Keyblade War EV finale

    Maybe they Use the "Need some help?" line from KHIII instead, even if it doesn't 100% fit the context. I'll hope they'll add all scenes to the Theater Mode someday, including the secret ending of KHX and the credits. Not being able to fight all five Foretellers consecutively in KHUX is another...
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    Revisiting History: The Keyblade War Part 2 (KHUX scenario event)

    As predicted years ago Nightmare Chirithy's speech doesn't make much sense when referring to "Guilt" as "Special Attack Bonus" and now circumventing the whole deal altogether. I wonder how many players will make the connection with the bangle they got in quest 35 at all.
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    9/3 Union χ JP Update: Message from Nomura, 4th Anniversary

    No new anniversary drawing from Nomura is just sad. There wasn't one for the 3rd either but at least we still had the 3rd from KHX, now there is nothing. I'm still in awe that main scenarios are still developed the way they are, I thought the whole thing would have been written to the end by...
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    8/29 Union χ JP Update: 4th Anniversary

    Thanks for updating with all these exciting info Sign. Those avatars look really crazy, I think I'll get them both. All in all this seems like a great anniversary, like always, I'm super excited for Nomura's drawing.
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    News ► Square Enix teases "the time to remember" in Kingdom Hearts Union X

    The 4th anniversary of KHUX is upon us, maybe the Global team is again teasing stuff that will appear during the celebration before the Japanese team again. This means were something like 6,5 years into the KHX story now. It's crazy to think how little has been achieved in this time and how...
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    (SPOILERS) Union X: Ralph is the clue

    Thanks for the quick translation. I hope the main plot picks up again before the movie story is finished.
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    News ► Nomura shares first details of Kingdom Hearts III DLC

    This is really nice but I hope we'll also get new areas to explore.
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    (SPOILERS) Union X: Source of the Abnormality

    Maybe that's too nosy but I'd love to read that conversation. I still don't get what happened to the projected worlds from the future after the Keyblade War. Did they simply vanish or are they still connected to the real Daybreak Town?