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Recent content by shadows rise

  1. S

    Renegade 2!!!!!!!!!

    For all those who have played the game may remember a while back that westwood was working on a sequal to this awsome first person shooter but for some reason was cancelled so it never got past its demo stage. but ive found a website thats started a petition to ask the people at westwood studios...
  2. S


    He was harder on kh1 even though I liked died in 5 seconds in the second one. Only because I was stupified at the moment.
  3. S

    Roxas and the Orginization

    Probably roxas couldnt get the hearts unless he was complete,i ts a crazy idea.
  4. S

    begginner, normal, or proud?

    Just passed proud mode, and saw the seret ending.:D
  5. S

    shadow of the colossus 17th colossi

    I got a question for all those who've played the game. Is there such thing as a 17th colossi or is it all just a lie? cause some sites say its true and some dont. Plus Iv's been to the secret garden and nothing happend, i just want to know if i screwed up somewhere or if im just stressing over...
  6. S

    Weird glitch in Tron's world

    Yeah there are glitches, after i defeat a boss in valor form i stay in it for the rest of the cut scenes.
  7. S

    13 super heartless

    Or have some of the same features, like stances or weapons.
  8. S

    very saddened... kh2 was great but short

    45 hours for me I realized that i played it for a long time. I was shocked I was to into the game to notice.
  9. S

    About The secret ending

    Doubt it would be there.
  10. S

    Fight with Riku

    If we do fight riku then it will be a awsome fight.
  11. S

    Buying from Wal-Mart

    My wal-mart doesnt have it either. (sob):(
  12. S

    cloud v sephroith

    I saw that movie already it was an awsome fight at the end.
  13. S

    How would you react if...

    I would foam at the mouth topple over to my side then stay silent for a long time.........
  14. S


    It has to be E because its disney there cant be any bad stuff in it, or else...
  15. S

    BKH in KH?

    Ive been wondering about that voice so it could be very possible that it is BHK. They may explain that in kh2 hopefully.