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Recent content by ShadowRoxas1907

  1. S

    Zelda Legend of the hourglass help...

    Im at the temple of the ocean king and I need help. I'm supposed to press the sacred crest against the sea chart? How do I do this because I've tried everything
  2. S

    The Keyblade Ninja

    Ok lets get started. Name:Soki Age:14 Apperance:A black Haired Keyblade Ninja with blue shades Bio:Soki raised himself from a child because his parents were killed by the heartless while trying to protect him. He soon found out they were after him because he possessed the Shuriblade...
  3. S

    Epic Movie

    Did anyone like this movie because I thought it was funny and retarded at the same time.:confused:
  4. S

    Would you rather be a Keyblademaster or a Ninja?

    Would you like to be a keyblade master or a ninja? I would want to be a keyblade master. It would so cool to have the keyblade!:thumbsup:
  5. S

    Why didn't Namine destroy the org?

    She probalbly would have if there weren't so many members.
  6. S

    Family Guy

    This is the best show ever! It is so funny. I could watch the show over and over again. What do you guys think of Family Guy?
  7. S

    new gba KH

    I like all the games but as for another game I would say another gameboy advance game.
  8. S

    Favorite Org. Member

    My favorite is Roxas. He's cool. ^_^
  9. S

    Video of 99% of the sleights

    Sora on my game isn't even as strong as that one.
  10. S

    Kingdom Hearts 2 the manga!

    Cool I like the Kingdom Hearts magmas!
  11. S

    Does anyone else like Robot Chicken?

    I like Robot Chicken on Adult Swim but sometimes I think it goes a little to far when it comes to making fun of other shows. It even made fun of Final Fantasy on time. But it isa good show what do you guys think of it? :confused:
  12. S

    Is this supposed to happen?

    Oh, xD nevermind. I thought mine was defective too.
  13. S

    Funny Limit Commands

    I'll start the thread by making a funny limit command(Please post). Purpose: To regain health Limit: Sora either throws Donald or Goofy in the air and when they thrown high, they explode into munny and health orbs(The party member can only be brought back if the other party member dies). I...
  14. S

    Is this supposed to happen?

    My game is alright except that sometimes when I'm fighting a boss or some heartless Sora fights in slow motion. I think the guy who sold me it ripped me off.