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  • my dude. guess what movie i saw last night.

    i know what you're thinking; who's balls did he have to fondle to watch that? well, i'm not naming names, but it rhymed with "mulverine" and he's got some smooth dunkaroos down unda, mate.
    too much more of this bullshit happening in gaming and you'll be taking lucille w/ you to japan lmao
    That's so funny, because they did a reprint of it a year or two ago with new cover art. They might have been purchased by fans who were trying to support the series to show why they should make the 3rd before it was confirmed. There was a huuuuge fan campaign and fans bought multiple copies (like me I have 2 of each xD).

    They'll likely do a reprint again! Aksys is really supportive of the series. C: They're the publisher for ZE3.
    999 is only on the DS so that is an easy decision, lol. The other two... Well I have VLR on both systems and have preordered ZTD for both as well... *obsessed*

    They definitely look nicer on the Vita.
    Zero Time Dilemma! The last game in the Zero Escape trilogy, coming out in June. The series is totally awesome and I HIGHLY recommend it. C:

    This game actually only is coming out at all because of the NA/EUR fans which is amazing.
    I know, just wanted to make sure because from what I was telling you earlier on when the script got leaked. And turned out when they announced it. I couldn't believe that the part of Del Toro being in the movie was true. I hope I'm not missing anything lol.
    adolfhitler is a troll known as therealansem and thetravelingfool. just ignore and report dude.
    Ok, going to send you a code. Please let me know it went through so I can throw it away. Going to send it by PM lol.
    NO NOT AT ALL. Persona is such a good series with really interesting characters and stories. If you think the cast in P3 is good, you'll probably be extremely pleased with the cast in P4 because the writing is so much better in that game and it's really weird how they managed to even do that. The tone is different, of course, but both games really set the bar for storytelling imo

    I'm glad you finally started playing!
    It's pretty good for a BR complete anime season, honestly. Usually they sit around the $60 mark which is brutal, so this is an awesome sale. The show is really faithful to the game, though obviously a lot of minor stuff is gonna get lost. I mean, I love the game but the game is a visual novel in every sense so it definitely works well as an anime.
    oh lmao

    the page cut off before it hit the D or i would have put two and two together.
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