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Shadow Fenix
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  • "stealh is a vital part of metal gear online"

    i want a PC port of kh3 and ffxv for the sole purpose of dunkey doing vids.
    i got two words for ya kid; FUCK YOUUU

    this game is for babies; i'll just KILL EM IN ONE HIT

    i pet the dog with my bullet
    lol all i see are inner city kids driving them. i never ride mine around tbh so i think using it for a novelty is the way to go.

    i heard from the grapevine you got into an argument and closed that persona thread over it. wanna talk about it man?
    okay so

    remember when i was talking about incorporating my self-balancing board into a halloween costume? well, a few days ago i was thinking about how much i love my leather jacket, wondering i could add that in to. guess what bruh.

    NieR is such an amazing story. There aren't many poignant games like this, let alone stories like this in any media platform in general. I can't wait for more <3

    Yeah! Akihiko Yoshida~ Probably one of the best designers in the industry, next to his protege who works on FFXIV.
    :3 Thank you! I've been testing the limits on the forum's display length. It is near endless xD

    8D It's NieR: Automata! Her name is A2, a prototype android that preceded 2B.

    NieR: Automata new trailer, gameplay, and character details - Gematsu
    ohh, so you're telling me i'm still an asshole who needs to grow? lmao jk

    i catch myself a lot doing stupid shit but unlike 12 y/o me, i can tell. and unlike 14 y/o me, i realize i don't know it all.
    oh haha. tbh i don't remember seeing shadow fenix before last year, so who knows. my memory is shot to hell, i always see shit i posted back in 2011 and wonder what the fuck level i was even on lol
    in that case i am incredibly sorry lmao. the weird mix of heavy trolling and crying out for attention is something i've been trying to leave behind but most members remember chihuahuaman's reign of terror (not that bad but still)

    what username did you used to go by?
    You're going to love 8 even more when you're finished with it. It has EPICNESS all over it. 7, make sure you're going through all trophies to make it easier for you. I'd recommend that with any FF games though, it just makes the games much more interesting. Also, X is the EASIEST FF EVER. As you can see I can go on forever but I'd rather let you experience it your way lol.
    Don't worry, if we dream it, it'll come lol. I got into it when I was in the 5th grade. I was annoyed by the FF commercials at the time. Didn't understand the point of the title until I played one. I started with FF8 which is still my favorite til today. To make long story short, from then I started getting the rest of them following with FF7, then FF9. The PS2 was being released and everything ended up getting FFX and Legend of the Dragoon at time. I'll never forget it. And so on lol.
    I know! That's how I was feeling. I love the Freakin' Franchise so much that it still gets me how people couldn't like XIII. I just can't lol.
    I hope they do make more. I cringed the moment you posted that picture with the price but I couldn't resist. It felt like I was gifting myself. Just wish I had more money so I wouldn't feel too guilty and innocent lol.
    I sent them an email about it. I'm expecting something negative but we will see. I knew they weren't to no good when they just announced only 30K lol.
    in my top 5 or 10 superhero movies definitely lol

    low budget, big payoff lmao
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