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  • Hey man. How's it going?
    Well Christianity and Islam do have many similarities and the faiths are probably the most closely linked than any other. Most things that are mentioned in the Bible that the Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) said are mentioned also in the Quran. After all he was the second-last prophet and one of the greatest Prophets. But there are of course many differences and it isn't the Quran that shows that the bible is flawed but the bible itself. You probably already know this if you have read the old testaments and new.
    But tell me, what do you believe exactly? You know, about God, about Jesus and the message?
    hank u for thinkimg im cutee '
    but cryingr right now mkaes me wat
    kenhatses eme znd i sont nknow wat todo1
    well i think we can come to some sort of arrangement in that place. how do you feel about pretending to be a virgin my lad
    why thank you. are you a virgin that wants to be out of control because i charge a lot.
    Well... bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand, the whole 'social contract' mentality means that people pay a lot of attention to doing the right thing by society and the people around them, so most people are friendly and helpful and things run quite efficiently. But that comes hand-in-hand with an aversion to lateral thinking and overt individuality. Everything functions well because people do their part, but 'standing out' is seen as a bad thing.

    Fantastic if you don't mind feeling like a useful cog in a machine.
    To be honest I really don't know. Rap is another one of those things I have very little interest in.
    Naruto's an anime that's aimed mostly at kids; I think the target audience for Shounen Jump is boys up to about 15 years old. From what I've seen it's pretty popular amongst young teenagers - there's merchandise all over the place for Jump series like Naruto, Bleach and One Piece. But my friends and I are somewhat older than that, so I don't personally know anyone who's a fan. Most of my Japanese friends will say they used to read things like Jump when they were younger but don't any more.
    I couldn't tell you anything from personal experience - I'm not black. In some senses Japan still has a lot of problems with racism, but most of that is directed towards immigrants from other Asian countries. If you're caucasian or black people tend to assume you're an American tourist.
    Depends on what you call 'speaking English' - most people study it at high school, but can only really remember a few basic sentences. If you're in major cities like Tokyo or Osaka it's easy enough to find help in English if you need it, but if you go travelling off the beaten track English-speakers are less common.
    Nah, considering as I seem to have some support coming from the staff as it was, I feel like I'll be adjusted quickly enough.
    Sorry I wasn't really reading the PMs. But they weren't discussing this in #junes while I was there at all, so I have no clue.
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