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    OH NOES PS3 HAS A Blue Screen of Death!!?

    Lol wow man now the PS3 has a hardware issue of its own. For all PS3 owners out there don't register your bluetooth if it stops working or risk: Well at least customer service is going to replace it. My PS3's coating is kinda scratched up though from moving it, taking it on vacation, etc.
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    The PS3 Home beta is about to begin

    I was going to post this in the Sony section, but in fear of making an edited post a tad too long, I'm going to put it here. Anyway here's the most important tidbits from the invite email that I, along with other random registered Playstation 3 users, got from Sony, regarding participation in...
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    Sony's spin on the Wiimote/VR Gloves

    Looks like the method of copying ideas and combining them into a better concept didn't stop with HOME. Sony is at again. Hopefully they can finally turn all of these "great visions" into actual reality. VR/3D Controller for your Sony PS3 - Unwired View EDIT: Wait this should be moved into...
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    PS3 Online Issue

    Okay before I start, I want to make it clear that I took my PS3 out on vacation to a family member's house for little bit of entertainment while there. Anyway I was hoping to be able to get online since I'm playing alone but it seems like that isn't possible with the set-up they currently...
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    3 PS3s do real time Ray Casting

    I find this to be really interesting. YouTube - PS3 Real-time Ray-tracing Now my take on this: Raytracing/casting is possible with quite a few computers. The questions are, to what complexity and how quickly can it be rendered? Many factors influence the speed of rendering such as...
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    Phil Harrison Can't Give Away A PS3

    Now that's hilarious. Lmao. Wow wish I was there to witness. Sony’s Phil Harrison Can’t Give Away PS3 Omg. And on top of that sales are dropping at a high rate as I predicted. Although I wonder why the biased media has not reported on how the Wii and 360 were also doing in Europe? I'm...
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    Kojima Confirms MGS4 to be for the "Theater" System

    Well unless this is a joke you all know what its for then. Stop with the rumors of multi-platform. It's over for now. Deal with it and get over it. Oh and Super Eclipse 100% chance huh? That's 1 one for us bud. Feature: Talkin' Metal Gear With Hideo Kojima - Kotaku
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    KH2FM+ Secret Ending (In English]

    Kingdom Hearts 3 - The #1 Kingdom Hearts III / 3 Fansite This video is translated and has improved audio. Idk if this deserves to be a whole different thread but so far I haven't seen any endings translated fairly well into English here. So if need be move this thread into the others.
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    PS3 Exclusive Theory

    Okay I've been spectating acting along with everyone else watching PS3 exclusives go left and right. So with the latest DMC4 I got pissed at Sony and was like why? But now that I've thought about it I think I understand why Sony let DMC 4 get away and why Sony will likely let others get away...
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    WTF how did the PS3 sell 600,000 in Europe? Skip to the second paragraph. My BS detector just went off. =/ All the bad press. Only 165,000 at the UK launch even with a large supply. 20,000 in AU, although there was only 30,000 sent. I'm going to wait for some NPD numbers before I...
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    PSN Store Design

    I was browsing and came across a pretty good redesign concept for the PS Store. Its has a few problems like font size and that huge cart but other than that I think if it were real then it would be a vast improvement. Don't mind looking at my favorite PS3 games either. =D
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    Heavy Rain PS3

    I don't know if people know about this game but it looks very nice. One of the best graphically I have seen in awhile. The trailer showcasing it is fairly old mind you, but its starting to get popular and news of it is spreading. Voice syncing for it could use some work and its somewhat...
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    Madden 07

    So I assume people here from the lack of threads about this do not like sports games. In any case for those who do you know Madden and how much it sells. I'm glad to see its getting rid of those simple games that have sold so much. What Japan sees in those some of those "great" DS games I...
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    Miami Vice

    Atrocious is too kind a word. This is the worst movie I've ever seen. I've never ever felt like walking out on a movie before this. I could have stayed home and watched the paint dry in my living room. It was like watching a movie it had no plot just And it was very mild for a rated R...
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    FF characters I'd Like To See

    I don't know if it's just me, but I'm tired of seeing the same FF characters over and over. We need to get some fresh FF faces in KH. -Vincent (FF7) -Edea (FF8) -Zell (FF8) -Zidane (FF9) -Steiner (FF9) -Vaan (FF12) -Fran (FF12) -Balthier (FF12) It's about time to get familiar with some new...