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    News ► Kingdom Hearts HD collections confirmed for Xbox One in 2020

    Even though I don't own the console itself, I'm happy for Xbox One players who finally get to experience all of the games in some shape or form. I don't really expect the games to perform any better on an Xbox One X, or even a standard Xbox One, than they would on the PS4 and the Pro, but I am...
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    The Real Kingdom Hearts and what color it is

    While that's entirely plausible, it would beg the question as to why Kingdom Hearts changed colour between Birth by Sleep and III; Master Xehanort summons it in the exact same manner in both games, yet their appearance differs. Even comparing it to II's "hearts of men" version, it's closest...
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    Does anybody recognize this boot?

    I think the pair in the centre of the first image are Dark Riku's? They've got that same general shape to them as Riku's KH1 shoes do: rounded, but not as emphasised as Sora's.
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    The Real Kingdom Hearts and what color it is

    I always assumed that the true Kingdom Hearts was yellow, and never understood why the one in BbS was blue. I don't even think there's an actual reason for it? Unless there's something really obscure somewhere out there that explains it. Someone probably just thought it was a cool concept from...
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    So, who is Dark Riku?

    I caught the typo, but knew what you were going for, so I didn't really bring it up. I thought it was kinda funny, anyway. That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it!
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    So, who is Dark Riku?

    This, but don't they poke at the fact that their Riku is a replica even earlier than that? I recall them dropping a hint as early as the first Graveyard interval.
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    Post KH3 Mysteries List (Spoilers)

    This is a fairly small mystery for me, but what happened to the Lingering Will?
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    Idea for San Fransokyo Introduction

    So, it was recently mentioned in an interview that Nomura may be able to show off Big Hero 6 soon, and having coincidentally re-watched the film for the up-tillionth time, an old idea I'd had since San Fransokyo was revealed to be a world came to mind, and I thought I'd like to share it...
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    Character Customization in KHIII

    So, I'm sure we've all seen the final trailer for 2.8: FCP by now. Thus, I'm sure we're all aware of the customization option that is present on 0.2. To summarize, for those who may not have seen it (somehow), players can customize Aqua's attire in "a fragmentary passage", by changing the...
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    Lingering Will's Actions in KHIII

    This is the first Thread I've made, so you'll have to excuse if it's in the wrong spot or already exists. If it qualifies for either of those, feel free to move/alter it as you see fit. :) I've seen a lot of stuff about the Xehanorts and the like, but I haven't seen much about one particular...
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    Greetings, Forum-Goers!

    Hi there! My name's Alex; but for the purposes of forums, I like to go by Truthful Sentiment. Or... Truth. I have many names, to say the least. Go with what you like. Either way, good to meet you all! I've liked Kingdom Hearts since I was a small child, and started with Kingdom Hearts II...