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    BBSFM site is here

    I'm a little dissapointed with Terra, and Ven's new artwork. They literally look like a redux to the original promotional material, and Ven's awakening.
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    Kingdom hearts birth by sleep final mix NEW SCANS

    ELS IS impossible. After Eraqus "death" Terra goes directly to the Keyblade Graveyard wit no stops in between to avenge Eraqus, and save his pals. Ven is told if he doesn't come Van will choke, and kill Terra, and Aqua. Aqua speaks for itself, even in Final Episode. Actually Terra LS was...
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    Kingdom hearts birth by sleep final mix NEW SCANS

    I still don't get how fans can argue MA is canon. "Well it hasn't been said that it isn't!" "It could've been TVA's training grounds!" "It WAS TVA training ground." "Until Nomura says it isn't it is." Gamefaqs...can fizzle a KH fans brain to mush. :|
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    Kingdom hearts birth by sleep final mix NEW SCANS

    The grammar is terrible. And no, a secret boss doesn't have to be canon, that's the same type of logic people were using to justify KH1 Sephiroth battle as such. ELS being in the Mirage Arena makes it all the less credible to being "canon". ELS literally is impossible to happen storywise in BbS
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    So the "Secret Episode" will be a secret movie where you can control a character?

    This is more than likely it. Filling in the gap of just how Mickey, and Yen Sid know/Possibly saved Aqua from the Re:Coded ending seems about right.
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    Re:Coded announcement

    Re: Coded announcement The only other person that could do anything else would be Yoichi Wada, and he's much more in the Final Fantasy area. If anything Nomura would have the most power in any KH game under Disney.
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    RE:Coded ultimania interviews

    Re: Coded ultimania interviews This was more so what I was getting at. In terms of the previous games she didn't really establish anything. More so stood on her own until Coded. The thing is though...How can she be "saved"? if He has to save Roxas then this brings points down, and bringing Ven...
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    RE:Coded ultimania interviews

    Re: Coded ultimania interviews Days didn't really establish anything. Other than Vens cameo, the majority was for character development, as Xion is entirely forgotten by the end, and later proved still being forgotten by Coded.
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    Already playing? Get in here! Your BbS impressions thread.

    I'd like to add something. In the sense of Ven's final boss final part/Wishful thinking. Having something like this for Terra, and Aqua would've been nice. Terra LS vs. Terranort = At the very end (Reminisce to Xemnas laser-storm in KH2) Terranort does Ultima Cannon, but Terra LS does as well...
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    New BBS Final Mix Secret Episode Details?

    Just the translation doesn't conclude such, but if we put Jason Dohring finishing his recording in late January by the podcast, Mickey VA, and Jesse McCartney it's easy to say voice acting was finished at the earliest of literally just a month or two after JP BbS release. That still doesn't rule...
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    New BBS Final Mix Secret Episode Details?

    Realm of Darkness seems the most likely. As they said a "All New area" would kind of defeat the purpose if it's the others, and the fact that RoD has never been playable increases it all the more. Apologies I misunderstood. >.<
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    New BBS Final Mix Secret Episode Details?

    *Cough*BS*Cough* BbS was finished in June with it being playable at E3, they had a whole summer to release it, and they're using "time" as a excuse? I'm sorry, but really? If the more than half the year wait for NA-EU BbS wasn't enough, this crosses the line. I could understand UMD space for...
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    New BBS Final Mix Secret Episode Details?

    "Spear Wielding" can't be MF. The only time he has a "Spear" would be one of his attacks. His main weapons are the clockhands/blue sabers. So FM will have MF (Mysterious Figure), MM (Mysterious Man), and ELS. However on the road to a possible scenario for the Secret Episode: How Mickey found...
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    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    Re: Your Reaction when you defeat Mysterious Figure? *With Terra* Ahem "Fu** yeah!* (After seeing how powerless No Name is to Chaos Ripper, and Void Gear for Terra) "Damn..."
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    New KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep Info (Exact Release, Price and Cloud Costume image)

    No thats Final Episode. Secret Episode is one we have no idea could stem from, and a new map raises even more hairs.