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    It's be so long

    Holy tarnations I can't believe my account is still here after 8 years of absense. I can't believe I made an account here when I was 11 or 12. God I feel so old now. This site used to have a mini-game up top and screamed "mid 2000s message board". ...anyways hello. How are y'all? How's Kingdom...
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    Dr. S's Help Center

    Well, ive got abit of time off and back in college, I excelled in helping people with problems involving emotions, feelings, and misguided young ones. Im even getting recommended to a Help Center in Houston. Though im going with bookstore clerk for abit until I find the right job. With my...
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    Megami Tensai : Persona

    Shin Megami Tensai : Persona [/I]The Sign up thread. Ill post the story,then the specifics of joining, the template, and the rules once im done. In the populated city of Tokyo,there had been an outbreak. A mysterious infestation had been thrown upon the whole city and the places surrounding...
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    Halo 3

    Ive seen a bunch of people talking about Halo 3 but not actually owning it on most.So if you have Halo 3,send me your gamertag so we can duke it out. Gamer Tag: seirio Who here has Halo 3?
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    Does anyone here have any experiance in the use of MUGEN and creating or having to do anything with creating a character? My friends back over at Gundam War MUGEN are creating a MUGEN game with dozens of playable Gundams such as God (Burning) Gundam,Nu Gundam,Wing Zero Custom,and plenty other...
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    Is it illegal?

    To download PSP games to your PSP for free?I have many games on my PSP but if its illegal I need to know ir else the "MAN" is going to get me somehow.
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    Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors

    Anyone heard of the series of games?If you do,come here and express your opinion of the game.I may make an announcement or 2 of new Koei games such as the new SAMURAI WARRIORS 2 XL!!!!And dont forget Musou Orochi!!!!
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    This is Awesomeeeeeeeeeee

    All of these are made by my friend Jsun from the Koei Warriors forum.Like 40 more to go.
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    Wow...Mushroom Kingdom Hearts

    I read the most recent EGM which said that there is a game called Mushroom Kingdom hearts.You know who's associated with mushrooms(aka Mario) and the people who are associated with Kingdom Hearts. I actually saw Mario with a Keyblade and new attire.Hes getting some Heartless action.Good part...
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    Musou Orochi

    Just cause im in the hospital,doesn't mean I can't post news,the game pwns. Opening and some gameplay....PWNS!!!!: YouTube - Musou Orochi Trailer (Opening Intro + Gameplay) Opening (alittle off): YouTube - Musou Orochi Opening Intro Gameplay between Xing Cai,Zhao Yun,and Tachibana Ginchiyo...
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    Sorry if this is in the wrong section

    Im back,and not as good as ever.I I regained feeling in my hands after a few surgeries and such,like opening up the flesh of my hand to remove anything thats not suppose to be there.I got a bunch of stitches but i think I can type now.Though my hand still hurts when I type,but I can type a...
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    Im not gonna be here for awhile

    As you have seen,I have not been here or posted in awhile.The reason is a recent car crash about 5 days ago in which I was injured.I was rendering unconscious for 3 days.Also I may not be here for another month because of an operation and another diagnosis.So any RP I am in right now,I ust be...
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    Koei is Awesome!!!!

    :thumbsup: MUSOU OROCHI!!!COmbination of Sengoku Musou( Samura Warriors) and Sangoku Musou!!!( Dynasty Warriors ) Official website Some pics I see Ranmaru with Sun Ce,and Cao Cao meets...
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    The Seven Samurai Reunite

    Nobuseri,aka robbers and thief.They are the plague of the people.They steal from people,and the government does nothing about it.A certain village has had enough and sent a a person to search the countries for skilled samurai to help them in their time of need and completely destroy the...
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    PSP problems

    For some reason,my PSP wont play games and movies.I have a theory that has to do with the laser shifting to different positions.I shifted it back to normal but it doesn't work.Also,I think it may have to do with updateing the PSP since I just did and it didn't work.