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  • You're wrong, as always, but I wasn't in the mood to reply then. Thankfully, I'm pissy from work, so I'll reply now.
    I find it laughable you'd compare your unfounded dislike to Xion to my dislike of Kairi, seeing how I had three games to base it on (well, two if you wanna be picky about CoM) and you had, what, half a trailer in which she sat between Axel and Roxas?
    And of course you trolling about her and spamming hateful pictures. I keep it clean and based and lo-and behold can manage a whole debate about her while being civil.
    You, my dear, cannot.
    If I were you I'd quit it M'k. You dont wanna get banned.

    Don't talk that way or you'll face the consequences soon enough.

    Wtf. You guys act like she's the boss of the yakuza or something. And she's going to ban me? Puh-lease. Because I don't like Xion? Because I said something mean? It's not like I'm trolling the whole forum or something. If she bans me she'll just prove how pissy she is. She's giving me negative reps every time I say something and gets all butthurt when I post something about Xion, just because she can't stand that someone says something mean about Xion and isn't obsessed with her like she is. I'm not giving out negative reps every time someone says something bad about AkuRoku, am I? Not that I give a crap, she can give me as much as neg reps as she wants, it's not like it's gonna kill me or something.
    I agree with KBM.
    Don't talk that way or you'll face the consequences soon enough.
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