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    Darkest Nightmares A Naruto/Silent Hill Rp ~Sign Up~

    ~Darkest Nightmares~ The Village Hidden by God was the 6th Great Nation in it's day and age but it disappeared one day and even to this age no one knows what happened to it but there is said to have been a scroll a scroll with the secrets of Immortality, but even if it exists who would be fool...
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    Video Games With sucky Ending

    Who else hates this I can Already give a couple of Games 1.FMA and the Broken Angel 2.Dark Cloud 2 3. Klohan 2 4.The Ark of Napishtim There are a few others I can't rember
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    s-CRY-ed Remake Rp

    Well This a remake Rp and I am doing a remake on s-CRY-ed because 1. It was to short 2. The japaness killed my favorite characters 3. There weren't enought character Rules: No God/Power playing No one liners Be around P.M. If you want to be a Original Character from the seris Template: Name...
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    Disgaea: Born in Darkness

    It has been many years since the peace between Celestia and the Netherworld with there Rulers Searph Lamington and Overlord Larharl but all is not well for there is a force at work that may destroy both worlds... Rules: No God/Power playing No one lineing We need all the needed characters first...
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    Spoilers- Dark Mode

    Well This anwserd a question that has been bothering me what the heck Sora was Classafied as and now I know Purified Heartless...That just sounded chessy
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    This has been bothering me....

    I didn't see a his heart returne after becoming him again
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    This has been bothering me....

    told you it was Difficult
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    This has been bothering me....

    When Sora lost his heart and Became a heartless then returned to his normal body What the heck would Sora be classifed as he can't be a heartless but ughh see it a diffcult question and Don't Flame Me
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    Most Anime Character Inned of Consuling

    Not sure if this the right place to put this
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    s-CRY-ed: Wrath of Demons and The dead

    A couple years after Ryuho and Kazuma Freed the lost ground alol hell broke out many strange portals opened and with it new creatures and new people the lost ground with them came destruction now it's up to the powers of Alterusers,Demons,Alchemists,Half demon,and some Homunculie...
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    Digital Devil Saga 3

    It has been several generations since the end of The age of the Atma and Demons becuase scientests had found and Isoclated the Demon Virus and Destroyed it or so they thought.... Rules: No Godmoding or Power Playing none of the orginal Cast Demons unless you want to be a reincarnation PM if you...
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    s-cry-ed + Inyasha: The New Generation RP

    Its been 500 years since the battle between the lost ground and the main land the lost ground won of course because of the the Alter users Kazuma and Ryuho now the main land is now back in the lost ground but the inners don't know it and those who do well they dissapear. Now it is the job of the...
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    Cubia 4 VS Safer Sephiroth

    Who do you think would win
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    Who is the Hotest Anime Girl

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    Dot Hack

    Take about the old games and the new coming out