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Recent content by seb0910

  1. S

    The "New Rumor" More likley for kh2:fm

    jeez...why cant they just release the friggin game in the U.S.? it cant possibly hurt them, only help them
  2. S

    Kingdom Form?

    FLAME!FLAME!FLAME!FLAME!FLAME! bad idea. be glad i didnt put in more FLAME!'s. lol
  3. S

    Drive form possiblities

    no, he didnt make it. and it could be from the game, tho i doubt it.
  4. S

    how long did it take for u to beat kingdom hearts 2

    about 3 days, but then again, i didnt watch all the cutscenes.
  5. S

    Ansem II

    are you that bad at fighting with riku? i beat ansem at lvl 50. all you gotta do is hav about 40+ dark points and play your cards smart, switch between regular attacks and sleights, and DODGE DODGE DODGE!! oh, and sav ur mickeys for when your health is out of the blue. as for your HP at 200, wow...
  6. S

    No more ***SPOILER*** forum?

    do you think that now that they released KHII in the UK and australia they'll get rid of the stupid spoiler forum so we an say whatever we want now? i really hope they do. how bout u guys?
  7. S

    My thoughts on the COM Demo

    riku doesnt hav a nobody. duh.
  8. S

    New additions to FM and COM?

    GOD why cant u people just leav it?!?!?! ZEXION IS DEAD!!!! why is it so hard to believe?!?!?! they blacked out for SUSPENSE!!! end of story!
  9. S

    How Much Would You Pay?

    Re: How much more? i'd say it'll cost around $70-$90, since it supposedly (unconfirmed) comes with Re:CoM in a 2-disc set.
  10. S

    New additions to FM and COM?

    zexion didnt look badass at all, he looked kinda feminine cuz he had long hair and was of small build, plus they probbaly didnt show his deatth becuz Riku Replika "absorbed" his str, and they just couldnt think of a way to show that, so they chose a more suspenseful ending for him...
  11. S

    New additions to FM and COM?

    is it really that bad if they hav different eams working on it?
  12. S

    RE COM additions

    yea that'd be awesome!!! i hope his weapon is a good one tho
  13. S

    Some info on Re: Chain of Memories TGS trailer.

    xaldin, can you please tell us if theyre voices are high or low, or maybe some other description that's more detailed? i know you described lexaeus and zexion pretty well, marluxia too, but using terms like slut, old man, and "char from Gundam" arent all that helpful, especially char since i...
  14. S

    My thoughts on the COM Demo

    xaldin, 1)what was the mapping like? was it like the original CoM and had small, simple rooms or was it an actual kool map? 2)and im not sure if you answered this, but how did you get into the battle? was it just like any KH game, or was it like CoM's-small arena style?
  15. S

    Making of CoM 3D

    are you thinking that i am saying that its a prequel to CoM? cuz im not. im saying that they couldve made this version first, but decided to make a GBA version instead and they later decided to release a PS2 version. im not saying its a prequel, so there's no point for your "Pre: CoM"