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Recent content by SeaSalt

  1. SeaSalt

    Theory: Yozora and The Nameless Star parallel Sora and Riku in Dream Drop Distance

    Such a convincing theory! This is kind of a wake-up call to pay attention to the visuals and subtext of a series of scenes rather than following the dialogue alone. It also reiterates how the TWEWY cast is somewhere in this equation, but yet to be seen. Thank you and welcome!
  2. SeaSalt

    The Entire Kingdom Hearts Story Condensed into a Rap! "KINGDOM BARS"

    Hey everyone! Been quiet on this forum for a while but I know you guys will like this! This is the most condensed version of the Kingdom Hearts story arch - but it's told in a rap that I wrote and recorded! I hope you enjoy the explanation and flow of the rap...
  3. SeaSalt

    Emotional Roxas Theme Rap Remix - Self Discovery and Fighting Indoctrination

    Hi everyone! I've been on this website for a while but I've never introduced my YouTube persona. I rap about real-life trials, tribulations, ailments, predicaments, and philosophies personified through video game stories. I usually do songs about Pokemon, but today, I made one about Roxas...
  4. SeaSalt

    KH 3D - Level 99

    my riku was always stronger because i had to train more to beat the final boss. so mine has always been ahead since the end of the game
  5. SeaSalt

    KH 3D - Level 99

    Hi wow i havent been on here in a while. This is just a short video i thought I'd share of me finally getting around to reaching level99 with both characters from KH 3D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-USL_hY4-8 Kingdom Hears 3D - Level 99 Riku and Sora - YouTube there should totally be an...
  6. SeaSalt

    The 13th Vessel

    wouldnt anyone connnected to xehanort be able to travel to any point in time that xehanort exists in.....? or can only one person travel through time at a time
  7. SeaSalt

    Random things you noticed...

    even though the olympus coliseum world was not in every game now, the world's music IS. because they use the theme during the cutscene at the end of sora's story when mickey donald goofy and sora are talking to queen minnie.
  8. SeaSalt

    News ► THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU -Solo Remix- Out August 27th 2012!

    *cough* port to the ipod touch *cough* please *cough*
  9. SeaSalt

    News ► THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU -Solo Remix- Out August 27th 2012!

    great, even better. i bought it for the ipod and it doesnt work. i always wanted an award.
  10. SeaSalt

    News ► THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU -Solo Remix- Out August 27th 2012!

    i guess they were going for a pretty specific audience.. talk about down to specifications..
  11. SeaSalt

    News ► THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU -Solo Remix- Out August 27th 2012!

    they better fix it i was up all night crying trying to find a way to get it on there,the only hope i have left is getting one of my friends' old iphones to put it on. the game is 2.35 GB for my ipod
  12. SeaSalt

    Did anyone think...?

    the dream eater bosses were extremely difficult throughout the whole game (considering I was never the recommended level until i got to the end) SPELLICAN -_-
  13. SeaSalt

    News ► THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU -Solo Remix- Out August 27th 2012!

    After 3 hours of troubleshootng, I came to the conclusion that, even with the newest version of ipod, this game will not work. I finally discovered, as Sign said, that the game isnt compatible BECAUSE it requires a camera flash. I dont know if this is siomething SQUARE can fix in an update...
  14. SeaSalt

    News ► THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU -Solo Remix- Out August 27th 2012!

    actually its not giving me that, but i looked up on apple some troubleshooting, and it sait to make sure you are using the newest version of iTunes. so im downloading that now and its my last resort. EDIT there it is. the camera flash. i need it.
  15. SeaSalt

    News ► THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU -Solo Remix- Out August 27th 2012!

    mine just says not compatible (see sig) im really upset about this, i really dont know what to do