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Recent content by SeaSalt IceCream

  1. SeaSalt IceCream

    New Famitsu Scan + Ending Info!

    Riku can't die - he just got a new hair cut.
  2. SeaSalt IceCream

    KH3D Article in November Issue of GameInformer (Australia)

    Must go to ebgames again and pick that up ._.' Ironically it was only yesterday that i nearly signed of for a subscription - but i said no... But next time im there im definitely going to pick on of those up.
  3. SeaSalt IceCream

    Machina and Rem. by an Aspiring Graphic Artist (I'm learning)

    Hey there, I don't often post things, but i'm keen to advance my skills as I will be studying graphic design at university next year - i'd like to get some feed back to improve my skills. I started this by following a tutorial - but got bored and went off on my own little tangent. XD Sorry -...
  4. SeaSalt IceCream

    New Gameplay Footage - Notre Dame World & Mini-Boss Fight

    Hmmm Riku has the same sort of blade charge as his limit in Days KH 358/2 Days - Riku Gameplay + Final Limit - YouTube In case you forgot.
  5. SeaSalt IceCream

    KH3D keyart featuring Sora and Riku (clearer art now!)

    I noticed this too I also see bits of Ventus' costume in Sora's But the Riku outfit is the most obvious.
  6. SeaSalt IceCream

    KH3D/KHIII info in Famitsu (Full translation in the opening post!)

    Re: KH3D/KHIII info in Famitsu. I hope they give the whole world the HD collection - otherwise it'll really frustrate me. My PS2 keeps making strange noises - i don't want it to die for the sole purpose of playing Kingdom Hearts and of course my final fantasies - but mostly KH. :/
  7. SeaSalt IceCream

    Oerba PINK Vanille <3

    Ahem I'm a little shy about posting this... but ‎Buniberzei insisted that it was worth doing so here goes... Girlishness at is finest.
  8. SeaSalt IceCream

    Is Kingdom Hearts I really good or is it overrated due to nostalgia/first/original of the series?

    Re: Is Kingdom Hearts I really good or is it overrated due to nostalgia/first/ original of the serie Don't get me wrong - the game play was primitive But - that actually made it more challenging. The music still gets my heart racing, And the storyline is still compelling - no matter how...
  9. SeaSalt IceCream

    Is Kingdom Hearts I really good or is it overrated due to nostalgia/first/original of the series?

    Re: Is Kingdom Hearts I really good or is it overrated due to nostalgia/first/ original of the serie Kingdom Hearts 1 is still the best game I've ever played. Correct me if I'm wrong here - but i think it caught a lot of people off guard - did it not? It did to me at least. I played it once...
  10. SeaSalt IceCream

    The biggest let down (NOT WHAT YOU THINK!!!!)

    Let downs? It depends who's asking. I don't know - i suppose people's expectations were just too high. Oddly enough, I played KH2 right after I'd first played KH1 - And loved it. I liked the sequel As for FFXIII - I haven't PLAYED it yet - but i've watched the entire thing on youtube - 4 times...
  11. SeaSalt IceCream

    I guess it's true what they say - you can never stay away.

    Greetings! I'm not sure how many people that I used to know here would still be here or even remember me - so I figured I'd reintroduce myself again. ^_^ I'm a light-hearted, carefree 18 yr old girl who believes that your reality is what you make it. I disappeared from here around two years...
  12. SeaSalt IceCream

    Ven is NOT Roxas or Sora

    personally i dont think Ven Aqua or Terra are 14 or 15 years of age. I see them more as young adults... you know... around 18-25 years of age... Cause everyone who knows about the keyblade are shocked it chose someone as young as sora. ... Not flamming you or anything. Its just what i think...
  13. SeaSalt IceCream

    Maleficent=Dumbass XD

    Heck, I dont get it! I mean, a lot said that Maleficent was a hard boss and yet she just had to et herself killed by nobodies.......... She wasn't killed by nobodies... She just created a diversion... so sora and co could "get away"
  14. SeaSalt IceCream

    Maleficent=Dumbass XD

    Undoubtedly. Its far too much of a ... *mental blank on work* plot dangler? to leave open ended like that. I wonder if we'll run into them in they're own world... cause we all know the castle they intended on "aquiring" came crumbling down
  15. SeaSalt IceCream

    Maleficent=Dumbass XD

    I wonder what ever happened to her and Pete at the end of KH2...