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Recent content by Sean

  1. Sean

    Anime/Manga ► Type-Moon General: HEAVEN'S FEEL ADAPTATION CONFIRMED!

    Didn't see a type-moon thread anywhere so here's a thread all about the series including VN's, games and whatnot. Just remember when posting in this thread that Saber (and all of her incarnations) is the best girl. I'll clean the OP (as well as finish translating the blog post ;-;) up once I get...
  2. Sean

    Tales of Tuurkalumys [OOC Thread]

    An original Tavishmithos Roleplay A world inspired by Ellis Ark There are many places, many worlds and many skies, and in each place there are reasons for life and death whether one chooses to live life to the fullest, or merely sit and wait to die is apparently up to the person living a...
  3. Sean

    Daily Exercise Thread

    It's about that time DM. Time for us to get off our lazy asses and work on perfecting our niche. DAILY EXERCISE THREAD What is this? Just a little something to stretch our limits in terms of what we're perfectly fine with making and otherwise. Most of the time I'll be taking you out of your...
  4. Sean

    I think I'm onto something

    Keyword: think
  5. Sean


    Okay it's official, I'm terrible with larger canvases ;_; Tags inspired by Anubis. Typography inspired by Cloud.
  6. Sean

    How color blind are you DM?

    Witness almost perfection. Color Test
  7. Sean

    Anime/Manga ► Nekomonogatari (Kuro)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=4n_SIgX4TRA Winter is actually turning out to be halfway decent. Waiting for Kizu...still.
  8. Sean

    Tech ► We .Hack Now

    So while I was checking out a college to go to over the weekend, I actually got to sit in on one of the classes (since there was nothing else to do) and it just so happened to be a tech class discussing the future advancements and where the world is going in that aspect. One of the main topics...
  9. Sean

    Resume/Portfolio Help?

    'Kay so I was referred to a graphic design job a few days ago and it hit me that I didn't have any kind of resume to submit upon going to the interview. I've been doing this shit for years and I don't even know where to begin with this kind of situation. So yeah, I need help with the basics of...
  10. Sean

    Now you actually have to buy stuff.

    WikiLeaks' And Pirate Bay's Web Host PRQ Raided By Swedish Police - Forbes Yes I've checked and it's pretty much a wasteland
  11. Sean

    Here you go

    1st tutorial ive ever made ever so go easy on me.
  12. Sean

    Completion Times

    17:43 Standard
  13. Sean


    I dunno which to enter into SotW. Albiet I think they're both a bit awkward looking. I wanted to add text to this one but I refused the inclination cause nothing fits. ...Might release the PSD on this idk.
  14. Sean


    I don't even know anymore guys. /artblock
  15. Sean

    Why does KHI have a 'Log Out' option

    Like seriously I've never used it once.