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  • Well sure. I work my butt off for 9hrs, but it's not like I don't get downtime. I usually pop on the Internet with their WiFi on my breaks and in the halls. I'm never TOO busy.

    Good doth not equal money, young Padowan.

    I played my fingers off in Smash for 3hrs today. I was finally off work! I'm getting so much better with Rock and Sonic. So happy~ My high score is around 1.6mil.
    Flattery will get you nowhere. I know a horror movie setup when I see one. Now I can just imagine DK in Luigi's Mansion, but the Poultergust doesn't work on HIM. He's also got a chainsaw and a Jason mask that looks like Toad instead.

    Oh? What's so good? I'm a lowly housekeeper at a hospital and I'm already making twice as much as my last job. Still broke, though. But if I get sick, at least I have benefits!
    Honestly I've seen every part of FFX except for the very beginning and the very end. My sister and friend both play it. Kinda like nobody ever gets to see the entirety of Forrest Gump XD (I have, but it took a while)
    There's a member on here who has a gif of Donkey Kong eyeing Luigi in slow-mo as they cross the finish line. It's in their signature, and it's downright SCARY.

    Well, I like Final Fantasy IX, X, XII, and XIII. So I suppose I DO. Is there a demo? I could try that, first.
    It's just...NOT AN XL. There's no way I can buy it with a clear conscience...
    This will be the straw that broke the camel's back -_-

    Wii U was just a slow start! And I forgot Mario Kart. I WANT THAT, TOO!!!

    Did Bravely Default really do THAT well? And I actually knew about Xenoblade! :D (first time for everything)
    I'd go for the Groudon NewDS. But then again, as soon as i buy it? There'll be an XL. Just like it was for my 3DS. I wonder what those extra shoulder buttons do?
    B-but I hate homework! I think teachers should do their jobs in the classroom, not make me handle it for them! I'M not getting paid, after all! MISTER SAKURAI!!!

    I will proceed to flip tables if there is no Smash-themed Wii U. I don't have one yet, and that was what I wanted. It'd be my first themed item (other than my silver PSP that came with BbS) and I'm going to get it for myself for Christmas. I really want the Wii U for the Virtual Console. There's at least a DOZEN games I want for it that are on there! But game-wise I'm just wanting Smash, Wind Waker, and Hyrule Warriors thus far.
    What's gonna be exclusive, exactly? How many titles have been mentioned?
    I wish theyd just take a Mega Man punch to the jaw. That move is EXPLOSIVE. (If you can actually connect, that is...)
    I still havent even unlocked everyone yet! XD

    Probably shredded inside.
    Doctor voice: "im sorry son; but theres just nothing we can do for her."
    Perhaps you should request giftcards to buy a new one for Christmas?
    Haha, yes! I feel like the CPU never knew how to handle aerial attacks, so I always try to attack from on high! But real people like to KEEP you up there...and then you fall in an embarassing way. FOR SHAME! ;^;
    If 2 times in first (Greninja & Toon Link) makes me a champ, what about...3!? I'd be a god!
    Weep at my feet, puny mortal; for you are unworthy of the rhyming arts!

    I have a regular blue :3
    Ehats wrong with the pad? Loose? Shredding? Missing?
    I can't seem to play too well with the speedy characters. When I do use them I usually end up running off the stage and self destructing. xD
    Haha, it was fun, though! Honestly I think we're all getting better! Of course I'm sure you noticed...90% of the time I forget to shield when it could easily save me XD
    I was on a roll with Greninja against gamerobber, MegaCore, and Sugar Lips last night! 7 KO's in a 3-minute fight. No Smash Ball, either. It was the first time I've won an online match in the history of Smash! I'll never forget T_T

    I'm not a mechanic! Nor am I a roboticist! (as AWESOME as that would be)
    Do you have an XL? I've got a regular. Then again, I've only played about 7 times~ I have ZERO free time -_-
    Of course that's not why you want to know. :p I'm actually still trying to figure out who I'm best with. Charizard and Robin have been doing pretty well for me so far though. How about you?
    Hey, I noticed he's even more about kicking and less about becoming a blue ball. That REALLY helps.
    I'm so rusty that WD40 looks at me and sheds a tear or two X'D
    Hey, hey Sdog I added your friend code so we can play SSB. Mine is 2922-0397-6172 if you want to add me. :D
    Super fun, dude. You shoulda seen me during the first 10 battles or so. LORD HAVE MERCY, I SUCKED.
    I hadn't played Sonic since Brawl...He was DEFINITELY tweaked. I'll hafta change my besties again and put him higher on the list~
    Muwhahahah yes I live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buuut my time on a computer is short still. xD
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