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  • Good evening. :]

    Nothing much, I guess. I just came home from visiting a good friend of mine. Hanging around in the forums, waiting for something decent to post in, currently.

    What about you? How was your day?
    I like to play kingdom hearts game of course..... I live somewhere in Asia...lol..if u want to know just ask It's just that I'm not ready to tell you ^_^...sorry
    I'm actually 14 and my height is 5"3". I think that's all..... want to know sometthing else?? just ask :D
    Well, we don't celebrate Christmas all that much over here, so I didn't get anything special really. : P

    But it was nice to spend some quality time together with friends and family. Doesn't happen too often actually, y'know? ^^
    its ok!!!what do ya wanna know?
    Lol, Merry late Christmas to you, too. xD

    How was Christmas for ya this year? Got any good presents? : P
    Off work now. Whew. I'm going to finish up in the forums and then I'm goin to bed. D;
    welcome back! I might have to go soon to get ready for work. In Ohio? Hmm well right now the sky is grey and the trees are bare. Looking from the window it doesn't look cold but when you go outside it feels like subzero weather. No snow though xD not yet at least.
    Oh thanks. People just called me crazy though. >.< I guess it had something to do with showing rank in color and that they belonged to MX. It's kind of cool to have a huge amount of people that know a ton about the new games. :]
    Well, these aren't really bad choices then.

    You seem like one of the few people who actually actively make an effort to meet up with other people, I don't think I see that too often around here. Keep it up.

    Another tip I could give you, which I give to just about any new member anyway, is to visit the Newbie Adoption Agency.


    They're always ready to help people with getting around on these forums for starters. If you ever need any help, you can ask them.

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