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  • thanks.
    it sucks because usually there's a family gathering every new year but unfortunately they've cancelled the plan.-_- it's like. it has been our family tradition. every new year, my family including cousins celebrate new year in a 5 star hotel and watch the countdown together. the fireworks are just right next to the hotel and there's a live concert too. but now I dont know why they've cancelled it.D':
    SORRY. you see I'm good at speaking english but when it comes to the sentence that really confuses me,it makes me curious.lol.:D
    but anyway since you asked,.... I DONT KNOW o.o .... haha..
    I'm confused rite now.

    but what the hell...I'm just gonna say it.(really dont know what to say because my mind is blank rIght now)
    MY NEW YEAR? it sucks. that's all
    there's so much to tell you but I dont have time. hope you understand.but I promise I will talk with you again.
    right now I have to go off. :)
    GOODNIGHT(right now it's night time in my country)lol
    Went to a huge party with all my friends... then i saw Yes man best movie ever!!!! i laugh till i cryed! ummm than i fell asleep watch that count down tv thing and then i woke up at 1201! i was sooooo sad! i missed new years ='( but had a great one! so much fun!
    True that. ;__;

    Actually, no. I haven't gotten any knowing that I normally am not able to keep to them anyway.

    Oh, well. :/
    Haha, you said it. xD

    Late Happy New Year to you, too. Hope all your New Year resolutions come true, in case you have any. x3
    i am a champion my friend
    and i keep on fighting with my heartless!!
    !we are the keybladers ,
    no time for nobodies cause we are the keybladers of the kh!!!!
    ehh ok... u know i dont know half the people i am friends with... i guess i am trying to be nice and i saw that u only had 2 friends so ya.. haha lol=D wellll yep
    I see you've gotten used to the atmosphere here pretty quickly, eh?

    Well, yes I guess this forum would be nothing but bullocks if it wouldn't have intel.
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