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    Hammerhead shark reproduces asexually

    http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn11908-shark-pup-result-of-virgin-birth.html Interesting, no? Discuss.
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    'Language Level'

    I live in a fairly strange place (Or, it's strange to me.) I'm used to a lot of weird things that they do around here. 'No drugs because guys spit tobacco on brigham young's floor' 'No pre-marital sex or you go to hell' 'Liars go to hell' 'Swearing is bad because A) Brigham said so (Or...
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    The power of God

    It recently occured to me the large difference between eastern and western gods. Western Gods (Well, usually God.) are immortal, all powerful, omniscient, ect. Yet eastern gods often get their power from their worshipers, or shrines (ect.) and can even die. As well, they don't have vast amounts...
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    Chinese New Year

    Year of the pig (Or Boar, for those who are picky)! Finally, the new year celebration begins at February 18th, this sunday! Lasting 15 days, a fantastic celebration! So, are any of you celebrating the new year? If so, what are you doing? Since I'm not big on the whole relative visiting thing...
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    The separation of Church and State is a big deal in the U.S., whether its athiests complaining pledging yourself to the Christian god daily, or devout Christians/Catholics/Muslims/(Other various god-believing religions) kicking and screaming about teaching science in science class (Sorry if I...
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    Mac MSN Problem

    Mac MSN Problem -Fixed- Yesterday, I had problems logging into MSN, I basically couldn't. My internet is working fine, but when I click the 'I forgot my password' link, the page won't load. I've tried logging into hotmail, or anywhere other than the main page of MSN.com and it won't load. I've...
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    Anime/manga with the most meaning?

    There's always one series that we see, watch it all the way through, see every episode in english and japanese, yet we still don't understand whether it was all a big metaphor or a really bizzare action show. What are some that you think have the most depth (Confusing, philosphical, whatever.)...
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    The Legend of Zelda: The King of Evil

    Chapter: Prologue And so it begins... Hyrulian legend speaks of the three Goddesses, Farore, Naryu, and Din. Using their unique godly skills, they created the world, most fond of Hyrule. Close to none know of their father, Majora. After creating Hyrule, the daughters of the great Majora came...
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    Animal Crossing

    Now, I myself do not own a DS, so I don't have Wild World... But I did get a Gamecube for December-Day(What Americans call 'Christmas', I specifically requested it.) Figured a 80 dollar system with all the games it will ever have already out is better than a 300/400 dollar system with a handful...
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    The Three Knights

    SPOILERS! Though, you've probably heard of the three knights by now. Still, if you don't want to be partially spoiled on the secret video, avoid this topic. Yes, another generic Kingdom Hearts 3 theory topic. Bleh. My theory is nothing intricate, since there isn't much to really base off...
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    Favorite God?

    Shya, no matter what your religion, everybody has at least one favorite God. Whether it's powers, name, or other such factors, they like at least one. I'd have to say Lord Canti of the Black Flame is my favorite. Fictional character? Tchya, like other Gods aren't. He has an awesome name, stars...
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    .hack//Redirection// Part One

    WARNING: This fiction may contain PG-13 langauge, situations, and fights. Chapters: Chapter 1 Login 02 (Offline 01) Login 03 Login 04 (Offline 02) \\- After an incident in CC Corp's headquarters, a fire destroyed a large amount of data in the famous game "The World" In the year 2015, it is...
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    Back Whenever

    I need a break from KHI. It's tiring me out. Don't know who or what is causing this, but I need a break. It's just making me irritable and tired whenever I have to do something with flaming, spam, or whatever. But, I'll be back. Sometime. Maybe a few days, a few weeks at max. I'll come back...
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    Emos, Wannabes, and N00bs

    I've noticed that nearly everybody on the internet always complains about emos, n00bs, and wannabes (Mainly Japanese wannabes) May I so kindly say: Stop posting this crap. You don't like somebody? You declare them an emo. Somebody's a fan of an anime, or uses japanese phrases? Insantly a...
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    What's your favorite type? Guns? Swords? Arrows? Staffs? Numbchucks? Personally, I find any weapon the best as long as it isn't a gun. A gun is something anybody with basic hand movements can use effectively. Every other weapon that isn't simple point and click requires skill and tim to master...