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  • "Sora and Xehanort twiddling their thumbs and singing Kumbaya"
    you know, that actually doesn't sound bad compared to 3D, no overly complex plot points, no Plot holes, and so on. :p
    Of course I wouldn't pay full price.

    OH MY GOD THE ENDING WAS WORSE THAN YOU SAID IT WOULD BE! they had the gall to do that with Xehanort after he.... Wow!
    thanks, so are you! =D
    your stuff shouldnt have gotten deleted if near death wishes didnt.
    Hello there. I really agree completely with everything you yas, Samhain! Could we be friends? I really like how you gave them a lesson! Hehe
    a bunch of edgelords on your recent thread........ they try too hard
    people are douchebags but then again thats most of the KH fandom not just this forum.
    i think people should stop responding to you if they dont like what you have to say. they can disagree but they dont have to start fights.
    listen my douche, we both know you're wrong. everybody in that thread DID counteract what you said. being the scholar you are, you disregarded what it said and threw around insults.

    you then posted a "waaaah, i can't take confrontation when its on the other foot" post and closed the thread because?? you're allergic to intelligent discussion i suppose?

    face it; you're a flamer with nothing better to do so you'd rather troll with made up info and claiming to be teh smartest!111 (dumbed that down for you)

    i assume you don't need a rundown of the last members who did that right?
    you are a tool lmao. you pick fights with minors on an internet forum for a children's video game using bad headcannons and declaring people with knowledge about the game incompetent for the sole reason they schooled you in an argument.

    i believe you, yourself, are a kid (or immature adult) that has RL issues so you flame people from an anonymous persona you formed.

    you have showed a self-contradictory evidence that has been practised long before you thought about it and will be long after.

    if you're superior than all the people you argue with, then why do it? its because you aren't superior, but very insecure. if i were you, best course of action is get support and not act like a toddler with liquor in his sippy cup.
    im surprised more people dont agree with you. everything you said about 3D killing Xehanort is true. every plot point that was set up in 3D is so stupid!
    i agree with you! Kh3 should have been here by now but no, instead they padded out the series with the ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY Days and Recoded!! and 3D is trash
    :D So you're a Tad Williams fan? I've only read War of The Flowers myself, but I plan on reading more of 'em! ^_^ Any suggestions?

    Same here. Hate exams. Chemistry in particular. Can't understand the class to save my life. XD
    Am I right though? That's where I came across the term 'Samhain' personally. XD

    And thanks! ^_^ How are things going for you?
    I just realized where you got your username! :D It's the holiday mentioned in Tad Williams' The War of The Flowers!

    BTW, wanna be friends? ^_^
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