• Spoiler tag your spoilers, please. That includes all unknown content from the DLC that was not shown in trailers or discussed in pre-release interviews.

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  • Sorry. The last time I saw this, I told them to take it down because I didn't want anyone getting pissed off at them or for them to get a infraction. Also, you seem to be one of the more likable members on this site or at least someone that's not Loke, so I'd rather not see you get in any hot water.
    I've asked someone to do this before, but take down your avy. It's a huge spoiler and the mods will surely get on your case as well. I could be wrong, seeing as they usually don't care, but don't be surprised to be told to take it down by the mods.
    I'd really appreciate it if you remembered to use your spoiler tags in your posts, especially in the AC2 thread.
    I think so. Was it in the past or present? Haven't played it for a week. And I don't even remember any octupus
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