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  • Thanks for the rep. I originally had the whole quote from Luxord, but my sig was too long, so I shortened it. Now I love it XD
    Wait 'till you see the conspiracy theory ;D lawl.
    Despite past differences of opinions, you are one of the more intelligent and capable people in the KH secs. And I do enjoy debating with you. Hence.
    I don't think so. Though then again I'm probably biased since I'm tired of people looking down at Sora so much. Underestimating his strength, mocking him for simply being a happy kid, gah. No reason whatsoever to treat him like that.
    Most people in there just like Roxas better or something :\ so they'll justify it by degrading other characters.
    This is standing in rather an odd contrast to the last VMs we exchanged between us XD water under the bridge :3~
    What goes around comes around, I guess. Not saying I was out to return the favor but I agree with you about Sora being pointlessly bashed >> and I just really loved the examples your brought there. :3~
    uh ok i don't remember repping you and if i did don't remember what it was for. SO your welcome?
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    I noticed you repped me, and I thought I knew you but maybe I don't unless you changed your avatar or some shit :v

    Or maybe I'm confusing you with Becoming X

    Or Arcana X which might not actually have an X in her name

    Oh yes I have noticed that, thanks btw.
    It's fine though, thanks for noticing though =D I can't really say I do a good job at giving advice though.
    ah, yeah.

    I always thought that if people have that much, they should have the sense to know how much it's going to effect someone. that is unfortunately not the case... >_>
    I honestly don't care if my rep drops to red.
    Though, sometimes I think I might stop being an asshole.
    I actually kind of liked being liked...but trolling is fun too.
    Best part is, I didn't negarep her. I positive repped her because I think she'll have a meltdown if someone negareps her. Quite honestly, I feel sorry for her. I think she cares so much about rep that she has to feel avenged by it. She's worked so hard to get it to what it is, and anyone taking it away would just ruin her.

    I actually think she'll cry.
    And you know what the best part is? I'm going to continue to talk to her equally as if she was anyone else. She'll get mad and negarep me again, to which I'll only positive rep her. Because that's the kind of immature stuff she does.
    Not so much as odd as she's a stuck up, overopinionated, immature, bitch with a stick stuck up her ass and sand in her vagina.

    I honestly don't wish any bad on her because I pity her. She seems like a sad person so she is a bitch on a forum. She then calls people immature, when a forum is the time and place TO be immature.

    THEN she negareppes you for some wrong she feels. If you're so damn mature, there's no need to negarep out of vengence. Mature people don't need to seek it because they're above it.

    Again, the words stated above are only my opinion; which should be respected.
    It isn't. We came to a conclusion on that debate. You bumped up something which was spamming up the thread to begin with.
    And for someone who claims rep is worthless, you sure spent a lot of time spamming on my user page over it, and with bringing up the fact you were repped about it to boot.
    And should I point out you're now bringing that negarep up so frequently? I thought it was pointless xD
    Really? Hmm... well, it might have been because of spam, but other than that I don't see any reason for the negrep.

    But, I'm glad I did rep you. I thought it was a good post, especially in light of the fighting that we've been going through. I figured this forum was supposed to be about having fun, discussing topics that everyone likes. But, people have their opinions. Yeah, my 7 cut hers down to only about... 4.... neg points?
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