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  • Let's meet up once we both played the game and see who lasted longer before actually playing C:
    I switched msn names, for one. Since people hunted me down even there on Days.
    Cancelled PMs. VMs are soon to follow. (so good thing you contacted me now XD)
    Cancelled avatars and signatures. It's possible through your Options in the User CP.
    Not getting anywhere near the FoKH. Minimized the KH sections so even if I wanna go into the side or main stories sections, I do so knowingly and can keep my eyes on the side of the page that lacks thread titles.

    If I managed to lay off the info up until now and the release is two days from now, I think I can make it. Will give me also a time to play some other games until BBS actually comes around. I need to play Crisis Core (which I wanna since it might hold relevance to BBS as far as the KH cameos are concerned), some more Layton, the new Ace Attorney game featuring Edgeworth is to be released soon... so thankfully I'm obsessed enough to be able to hold off on it.
    I love KH that much. So enjoying the game is more important to me than being right about theories (I have enough of that)

    Good luck to the both of us.
    ok then, rep to you! hahahaha it was hilarious! i was laughing the whole time.
    I fucking hope so. It doesn't even make any sense to change his name. And if Jeels was telling the truth why didn't he update the main site or sticky it
    Yeah. He sorta is. lol but we put up with him.. hey wait... why do we put up with him? lol Also, I love Thanksgiving. Its EPIC!
    Well its pretty neat. I like it. I'm thinking once I got premium I'll change my avvy to Rare Truffle. Get it?
    I have a lonnnnnnng way to go though! lol
    Originally Posted by Memory Master
    I wish the fans could actually have written days, would have been so much better

    Dear god no.

    "Ventus is Sora's brother!"
    "Aqua is Kairi's mother!"
    *Axel/Roxas Yaoi implimications*

    Please, just get out.

    Loved this post by you. I'd like to add you as a friend, because really, nobody is should say mansex or complain about days and that they should write it. So manny of the fans would just screw it up. The only person I think I'd trust writing would be Smile. Maybe. I reped you btw. :)
    Xion probably had a heart of her own, if we assume her composition was the same as Riku's Replica, who attested well enough to having a Heart of his own and mocked the CoM Org members about it.
    However, as you said, her Keyblade was an imitation of one, and her "qualification" to wield - copied to stolen from Roxas.

    I doubt that's why they wanted Hearts, but time will tell. As for Xemnas not being able to wield, then we have two factors to consider about why he had no Keyblade, despite obviously being related to at least one out of Terra, MX and maybe even DS.
    1) Xehanort the Apprentice lost his Memories. Therefore, even if he was a qualified wielder, he would still be unable to wield, going by KH2's Roxas before he underwent his Destati and rediscovered his Keyblade.
    2) Roxas has the Ven factor going for him which would let him wield at the same time Sora did. However, nothing guarantees that Xemnas would enjoy something like that. Namely - XH would've had the Keyblade neither of them could reach until arguably Riku Duel Wielded thanks to him, leaving Xemnas without access to it.

    As for Saix... I personally don't believe his Somebody relates to anyone we know. Least of all Terra. But then again I'm not up to date with BBS news so, meh.
    My 2 cents on the matter.
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